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Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics RPG launch this year

achtung! cthulhu tactics rpg launch this year on windows maybe linux games

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics the tactics RPG is coming this year on Windows, but what about Linux support?
So you pledged the Kickstarter, you know about World War II Turn-based strategy meets Cthulhu. The games going to launch later this year on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Klotzen! Panzer Battles strategy – Summer 2018

Klotzen! Panzer Battles hex strategy coming summer 2018 to linux windows games steam

Klotzen! Panzer Battles strategy games coming Summer 2018 to Windows and Linux. Independent developer Maxim Games just confirmed a Linux release for their debut title on Steam.

Battalion 1944 New Behind-the-Scenes trailer

battalion 1944 ww2 fps behind the scenes video linux windows games on steam

Battalion 1944 releases new trailer for Linux and Windows. The game video shows off new behind the scenes details. Since the developer focuses on the defining battles of World War II. So this is more than a trip to Normandy.

So Battalion 1944 development is a Derby-based studio Bulkhead Interactive. Previously developing The Turing Test for Windows via Steam. Now their recent venture across the English Channel forms a new behind-the-scenes video. Which details both the games development process and hopes for the coming launch.

Divided We Fall releases on Steam with discount

divided we fall releases on steam with discount for linux ubuntu mac windows games

Right now the WW2 team-driven RTS Divided We Fall releases after a year in Steam Early Access.

Divided We Fall is now free to try until October 6th via Steam. While also available for purchase with a 25% launch discount until October 9th for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

Surprise Coop mode reveal! 
After several years of great support by the community. Development of Divided We Fall has been advancing in leaps and bounds. All via the Steam Early Access program since September 2016.

Sudden Strike 4 pre-order now to get a discount

sudden strike 4 pre-order now to get a discount linux mac windows games steam

Prolific publisher Kalypso Media. Which you probably for their rich palette of historically-inspired simulation and strategy titles. So, right now, the publisher is less than a week away from releasing Sudden Strike 4. Since this is the fourth entry in the iconic World War II Real-Time-Strategy series. Therefore, players across Linux, Mac and Windows can get in on the pre-order discount via Steam. Since this will be a day-one release, I can now personally confirm the games Linux support. Officially!!

So yes, Sudden Strike 4 holds true to many elements. Since these are traditional (and differentiating) gameplay elements that are the hallmark of the series. Such as a focus on careful unit preservation and tactical exploitation. This is strength vs. weakness. Rather than resource gathering and replacement unit construction.

Sudden Strike 4 – Short Trailer:

This installment is not only a perfect return for long-standing fans of the series but also an excellent first introduction for a new audience to one of the best World War II RTS experiences available, particularly on console, where similar titles are few and far between. Regardless of platform, executing masterful military maneuvers in Sudden Strike 4 is almost effortless, limited only by your and your opponent’s strategic prowess.

So learn more about how Hungarian developer Kite Games and Kalypso Media. Since the developer set out to make the first WW2 real-time tactics game authentic. Please check out this post on the official PlayStation Blog. Since this is created by Sudden Strike 4 producer Christian Schlütter.

If you have yet to take that leap of faith. Now is the time to pre-order now via Steam and Humble Store. Since both have the 15% discount offered only until until August 11, 2017. Also, the launch will be a day-one Linux, since I am playing the native build.

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