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The Legend of Vraz adventure coming this year

the legend of vraz adventure coming this year to linux windows games

The Legend of Vraz is a tasty new adventure coming to Linux games this year. According to developer Zatun. Who reached to share the games release. Since the games on Steam. So naturally the question of Linux came up.

Cannon Brawl 2D multiplayer strategy hits Linux

cannon brawl 2d multiplayer strategy hits linux games windows

Since the fun and fast-paced Cannon Brawl is available on Mac and Windows. Well it seems the Linux release is now available. Since the games an intense action-strategy. Gameplay combines skill-based play of classic artillery games. With the rapid-fire pacing of an RTS. So matches are quick and players will need to think fast.

Charlie Murder action RPG debuts on Steam

charlie murder debut on steam for linux in gaming news

Right now in gaming news, a punk rock #apocalypse action RPG #releases. So players team up with friends to lead embattled punk rock band Charlie Murder. Hence an epic quest now #available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Since the original release was August 14, 2013 on Xbox360. Yet with the help of famed Linux porter Ethan Lee, we have native support once again. So go on and save the world from rival death metalers Gore Quaffer and their legions of evil.

Ah yes, so trying to define the action RPG is a challenge. As gaming is more of a brawler mixed with RPG elements. All while players hoard insane loot and buff their character. Therefore earning fans to unlock powerful finishers and team up moves.
While also getting tattoos to channel your “Anar-Chi,” and uncover mysterious relics. Which of course creates the players true aesthetic.

Charlie Murder Features:

  • Play 4-player local or online co-op rpg brawler. Set in a punk rock apocalypse with 5 playable characters and alternate band unlocks
  • Hoard insane loot to increase your uber 1337 stats (and look excellent)
  • Earn the love of fans to unlock visceral finishers and team-up moves
  • Ink up with tattoos to channel your inner “Anar-chi” and unleash powerful magic


So my first impression is interesting. Since I was expected to jump into gameplay and have to pick up some weapon. But that is not the case.
So instead, I was able to fight off the zombie hoard by picking up and throwing objects. These range from tires, severed heads, limbs and of course grenades. It really depends what’s lying around. Only to go on my quest of bloody melee combat domination. Hence completing against boss battles and picking up loot along the way. All very easily playable and manageable using the Steam Controller.
So chances are, if you like Punch Club or City Ransom: Underground. Then Charlie Murder is going to take gaming to the next level. With all of the blood and gore too.

Charlie Murder available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. There is no launch discount news though, but the game is only priced at $9.99 USD.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile now on Steam

the dishwasher: vampire smile hack and slash now on steam in linux gaming news

We have a new epic hack and slash in gaming news. Hence The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile will having players #deep in #gory adventure. Available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Which originally released on Xbox 360 back in April 6, 2011. Now we have a native Linux #release thanks famed Linux porter Ethan Lee.

So dig further in to Yuki’s bloody quest for revenge. Since gaming features the Dishwasher and Yuki’s campaign story lines. While also including online and local coop play. Plus 50 Arcade Challenges and a Dish Challenge. Including a ton of nasty new weapons and techniques.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Features;

  • Seek retribution as you slash your way through 13 unique campaign levels. Play Yuki or The Dishwasher and take down the three corrupt leaders of society.
  • With an all-new, totally easy Pretty Princess difficulty mode. The challenge of Yuki’s journey may be lost. Yet is made up for with an ample supply of hearts and rainbows.
  • Wield brutal weapons! With nearly a dozen weapons including the brutal Violence Hammer. Or the medically disturbing Painkiller and the scissorific Guillotine. Players will never be without a violent way to decapitate your foes.

Hack and Slash Gameplay

So The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is an intense hack and slash. While we are eager to keep playing on Linux. Gaming is not shy of challenging, but works incredibly well with a Steam Controller. So if you one own, make sure to use it. The reason, the touchpad can be used to use a high-speed manueveur. No spoilers. It’s just epic. Sort of like the Shank games from Klei Entertainment, but bloody.
Also, the amount of blood and gore is nothing shy of a Quentin Tarantino movie. So there will plenty of gut-wrenching attacks. Drop attacks, where you can grab a foe, fly straight up and deliver a head smashing kill. Hence created in the art style of Salt and Sanctuary.

So we are pleased to deliver news of the The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile release. Currently available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. There is no launch discount but the release price is only $9.99 USD. Definitely worth playing.

Computer Game Development Architecture that truly is cross-platform

[gigya height=”360″ src=”https://d3mlfyygrfdi2i.cloudfront.net/321f/kickplayer.swf?” flashvars=”allowfullscreen=true&autostart=false&backcolor=000000&controlbar=over&file=https%3A%2F%2Fd2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfront.net%2Fprojects%2F703679%2Fvideo-303069-h264_high.mp4&image=https%3A%2F%2Fs3.amazonaws.com%2Fksr%2Fprojects%2F703679%2Fphoto-full.jpg&project_creators=An+Open+Software+project+by+Asylum+7+Studios%2C+LLC.&project_title=Cgda%3A+Cross+Platform+Game+Development+API+%26+Framework&project_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kickstarter.com%2Fprojects%2Fasylum7%2Fcgda-cross-platform-game-development-api-and-frame&screencolor=000000&skin=https%3A%2F%2Fd3mlfyygrfdi2i.cloudfront.net%2Fcc3a%2Fkickskin.swf&wmode=opaque” width=”480″ ]

Asylum 7 Studios is currently developing Cgda, a #new #game #development #framework & API.  Cgda is a 100% native code #API for game development, written in C++.  The primary goal of the project is to create an easy-to-use programming platform to simplify the game development process, much in the same way XNA served to simplify development for #indie #developers and hobbyists working in C#.

In the winter of 2012, Asylum 7 Studios began development of a next-gen space combat simulator, Expanse: First Contact.  The original project was to be written in C# using XNA as the primary game development API.  As the project progressed, it became clear that XNA was not properly suited to common needs. The XNA Framework, which was written for DirectX 9, lacking support for newer features, such as geometry and tessellation shaders, and was only well supported on Windows and XBox 360.  Also, Microsoft has not updated XNA in quite some time, and the project seems to be either dead or in limbo.

The open source community developed Monogame to attempt to bring XNA to other platforms, and they did so quite nicely.  However, Monogame still was not the right fit for us, as it has dependencies on either OpenTK or SharpDX depending on your target platform.  While the dependency on SharpDX was not a problem at first, OpenTK’s development had seemed to stagnate quite a bit as well.

Around that time, Asylum 7 Studios were toying with the idea of writing their game in C++ using <b>OpenGL </b>directly. In order to avoid dealing with as many stagnant dependencies as possible, writing the libraries needed from scratch were essential.

Cgda is similar in design to the XNA framework, however, it uses OpenGL for graphics and OpenAL for audio.  This allows games written with Cgda to be easily ported across various gaming platforms, helping to deliver your games not only to Windows users, but Mac users, a Linux users. With plans for gaming consoles and mobile devices later.
The framework includes a Content Pipeline to help manage assets, as well as support for newer advances in GPU acceleration, including Geometry shaders, Tessellation, and Compute shaders.  The Content Pipeline has built-in support for loading many basic file formats, including OBJ, PNG, BMP, TGA, GIF, JPG, with even more planned (FBX, Ogg, MP3).
Also, there are ContentManager’s serialization helpers that support serializing objects to and from XML, JSON, and raw binary formats. With plans to implement an audio authoring toolkit similar to XACT, making sound design easier.
As well as making Cgda freely available, both for Open Source, and Closed Source applications, and optionally, under an open license.  This would allow you to use Cgda as you see fit, creating your own masterpiece.
  • Written in C++11, using 100% native code
  • OpenGL and OpenAL backends for graphics and audio
  • True cross-platform support, Windows, OSX, Linux, and more
  • Content Pipeline for asset management
  • XACT-style audio authoring
  • Input library with support for keyboards, mice, and various gamepads
  • Networking stack for easy client/server development
  • Planned support for an optional steamworks extension to support deployment of your games on Steam (pending approval, greenlight, etc.)
  • Point sprite system using compute shaders for particle physics
  • Open Source licensing available.

Cgda is also cross-platform.  Primary development is being shared between Windows and Linux (for the newer OpenGL feature sets), but the API itself will run on OSX, FreeBSD, and nearly any other platform which supports OpenGL 3.2 or better.

Having completed several sections of the API, however much more work remains to be done.  The systems currently under development are as follows:

  • VertexBuffer classes
  • Matrix / Vector / Quaternion math library
  • SpriteBatch implementation
  • ContentManager / Pipeline
  • Basic input subsystem
  • 3D Model classes and transforms
  • Texturing,
  • GLSL-based per-fragment (per-pixel) lighting BasicEffect implementation
  • Game class and message pump
  • GraphicsDevice abstractions

More of the API is being completed every day,  with new videos posted on Youtube showing the state of the project throughout the course of this campaign. And will continue to do so long after its conclusion.

So, building a fully-featured API is a huge undertaking, something that generally requires months or years of development time for a large team.  Asylum 7 Studios are a small family-owned company with two full-time developers on staff. This requires your support to fund Cgda to the standards expected, making sure the full release will be available to the public, and funding the development time.

Having launched a Cgda Kickstarter project with a modest funding goal of only $2500. This is a game development API that features an XNA-like public/external interface, but is written in native C++, and it supports every major operating system.

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