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Tails From Alteria campaign ends in success

tails from alteria kickstarter campaign ends in success for the game on linux with windows pc

Tails From Alteria Kickstarter campaign ends in success for the game on Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to further confirmation and detail from developer Smol Bean Games. After having achieved its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign goal.

Due to the support of over 133 backers, Kickstarter to fund Tails From Alteria a wacky RPG for Steam has passed its funding goal. Closing out at $11,871 USD. Since reaching this stretch goal, the game will fully benefit from a smoother development pace. Which is a further benefit for solo indie game developer Smol Beans Studio for Tails From Alteria.

TFA will get a native Linux version. It’s in the pipeline but will take a minute.

Now it is confirmed that the game will get a native Linux build. Although, as stated, it will take a bit of time. So this could mean a day-one Linux port or a slight delay. This depends on Unreal Engine 4 development. But at least we have another game due to get a native Linux build.

Tails From Alteria Kickstarter Trailer

Tails From Alteria is an adventure RPG with a heavy focus on exploration and action command combat. The world is full of nooks and crannies for you to explore. Letting you take on engaging encounters to test your reflexes. While you take control of Jeeve and Jayla as they race to stop an extra-dimensional evil from pouring into their world. Work as a team to solve problems and utilize the unique abilities of the twins and their friends in Tails From Alteria.


  • Sprawling sandbox styled levels for Tails From Alteria players to explore.
  • Gorgeous 2.5D graphics and beautiful blend of 2d characters in 3d.
  • Challenging and engaging action command combat.
  • Unique and colorful characters to interact with and befriend.
  • Offering an adventure RPG with a heavy emphasis on exploration and action command combat.

Thanks to the Tails From Alteria Kickstarter campaign, we can expect a Steam release in March 2023. Due to make its way onto both Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game.