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Tails From Alteria wacky RPG seeks funding

tails from alteria wacky rpg game seeks funding for linux with windows pc

Tails From Alteria wacky RPG game seeks funding for Linux with Windows PC. All due to further details from developer Smol Bean Games. Currently seeks funding in the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

The Kickstarter Campaign by solo indie game developer Smol Beans Studio is due to funding Tails From Alteria. Which is their wacky RPG for Steam, which will be ending in a couple of days.
Now is when Smol Bean needs your support the most. Having collected 78% of the $10,000 USD goal. On top of that, we reached out to the developer via Discord, here’s the reply.

Yes, there’s plans for a Linux version if the campaign does well and I am using unreal!

Let me explain further. Game development is using Unreal Engine 4. While Linux support depends on the success of the Kickstarter campaign. So if the project is fully funded, then a native port will be in play.
On top of that, Tails From Alteria has a demo version available on Steam and This is actually an Alpha build, so your experience will vary, as will Proton. Trying to launch the game via WINE directly, a fatal error. But it is a free demo, and if you do get it working, leave a comment below.

Tails From Alteria Kickstarter Trailer

Tails From Alteria is an adventure RPG with a heavy emphasis on exploration and action command combat. The world is full of nooks and crannies for you to explore. Along with engaging encounters to test your reflexes. While you take control of Jeeve and Jayla. While they race to stop an extra-dimensional evil from pouring into their world. Work as a team to solve problems and utilize the unique abilities of the twins and their friends.


  • Sprawling sandbox styled levels for players to explore.
  • Gorgeous 2.5D graphics and a beautiful blend of 2d characters in 3d.
  • Challenging and engaging action command combat.

Tails From Alteria wacky RPG is almost fully funded in the crowdfunding campaign. Due to make its way onto Linux and Windows PC with success in March 2023.