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Tala a cute exploration puzzler on Kickstarter

tala a cute exploration puzzler on kickstarter for linux mac windows games

Tala is a charming but rather cute exploration puzzler game for Linux, Mac and Windows on Kickstarter. The games currently running the crowdfunding campaign in hopes of completing the project. Which also happens to includes a Linux demo. Which I have to admit is quite impressive.

The art style is similar to that of Binding of Isaac, back when it first released. At least that’s what comes to mind and quite honestly, it likely will you too. Also, the games engine is Unity 3D, which makes things easier. Since the demo uses a pop-up dialogue, aka the screen selection windows. So you can set your options straight off.

Linux release:

“It’s being made in Unity, and I just uploaded a Linux build of the demo on the page, I have it running stable on the latest Ubuntu release.”

Tala Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So Tala and the Flower Seed demo is a short 5-10 minute supplemental game. Currently in development as Tala on Kickstarter.
After finding a seed out in the woods, you take control of Tala. Getting the townsfolk’s help in making it grow. This is a short standalone teaser game where you get to explore a very small section of the opening chapter of the game, interact with a couple of the townsfolk, and get a feel of the atmosphere of the game.

Explore a tiny world that combines traditional animation & nature photography. Take control of the boisterous Tala as she ventures on a quest to help save her mentor. The Town Guardian, who is somewhere in the deep woods. Work with your fellow townsfolk to help collect the parts and repair the old dingy town airplane so you can fly out and save them.

Exploration Puzzler Features:

  • A gorgeous art style that combines traditional animation techniques and nature photography.
  • Nonverbal dialog system; Tala is a wordless experience. All of the conversations that you have with the townsfolk are completely visual.
  • Interactive Environment; Tala is about play as much as it’s about exploration. Lots of the background features have superfluous animations that help the world feel alive.
  • Puzzles! Special care is put into the puzzle design try and stay away for puzzles that adhere to moon logic.
  • Music by Canadian fingerstyle guitarist Cody Rueger

Tala is currently 34% funded on Kickstarter with 17 days to hit $17,000 AUS. Since the crowdfunding campaign supports Linux, Mac and Windows, it’s worth having a look.

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