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Tale of Toast MMO day-one support and release

tale of toast mmo day-one support and release for linux mac windows

Tale of Toast is an open world MMORPG for Linux, Mac and Windows coming to Steam. The games core gameplay takes inspiration by what made old school MMORPG’s so engaging. However, we reached out to developer Toasty Leaf for a release date and Linux support. Then somehow, the email got buried. *sigh*

Linux support:

“Having Linux support has been one of our key areas from the very start. And we do have it supported from day 1.
We are using Unity3d as the engine. And while we can’t announce the release date yet [February 23, 2018].”

So that was a week ago. Now the dev’s have a release date on Steam. Which is excellent and we will see day-one support, for sure.

Tale of Toast is under development by two developers, Austin and Fredrik. Who have been working on the game since January 2015. The game will also be free to play. So never “pay to win”.

Since players can purchase in-game items and features. None of this will grant another player advantages over someone who has not paid.

Also an easy to pick up play style and open world player versus player. Gameplay with high stakes for those daring to partake. Focusing on simple yet tactical combat, social aspects, trade skills and procedurally generated dungeons. Keeping quality over quantity in the quests. So gameplay will have something for everyone.

Tale of Toast MMO Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Tale of Toast Features:

  • Old school MMORPG combat system (see section below).
  • Huge open world in a single zone with towns, cities, forests, fields, winter areas, desert areas, volcanoes, mines, and dungeons instances.
  • Day/Night cycles which affects things such as quests and enemies.
  • Weather system.
  • Expansive spell system based around a spell tree.
  • Lots of character customizations and emotes.
  • Weapon and armour with varying quality and stats buffs.
  • Large variety of trade skills such as wood cutting, fishing, mining, smithing, cooking, etc.
  • Multiple instances with bosses.
  • Quests with main focus on quality over quantity.
  • Wide range of weapons and armour.
  • Duelling between players where you can chose the stakes of winning and losing the fight.
  • Play with your game controller.
  • Guilds.
  • Big variety of pets.
  • Many different mounts.
  • Large amount of unique enemy types.

Steam day-one release:

Tale of Toast MMO will release with day-one support for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also going to arrive on Steam Early Access on February 23, 2018. For more details, check out the official website.