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Tales of a Spymaster cunning strategy hits May

tales of a spymaster cunning strategy hits may on linux mac windows

Tales of a Spymaster is a turn-based strategy game for Linux, Mac and Windows. A game of cunning, taking place within the fictional land of Elas is coming to Early Access in May. Where 8 kingdoms try to gain control, so you must play the part of the trusted right-hand. While take on the role of Spymaster.

Gameplay will the player breaking out of a traditional role of ruler. Including a new set of tools within Tales of a Spymaster, a turn-based strategy. Taking place in a fictional world full of threats and opportunities. So choose your kingdom and guide your ruler to victory, in whatever manner you deem fit. Playable as a singleplayer, multiplayer or online multiplayer. Excited?

While playing as the Spymaster, you must maintain the trust and good favour of your monarch. So you can influence their choices and guide them to victory. It is up to you to make the correct choices, when to be bold by raiding and attacking your enemies. And also knowing when to exercise caution, by bolstering defences or favouring diplomatic relations. But be wary, for poor advice leads to mistrust meaning future advice could go unheeded at a time where it is imperative. Your monarch will turn to the other members of the court if they have to, who could even be under the influence of a rival Spymaster.

Tales of a Spymaster a cunning strategy (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Advise the Monarch to attack, defend, improve relations, and invest.
  • Over 200+ conquerable locations.
  • Compete with the royal court for the trust of your Monarch.
  • Use agents to perform blackmail, sabotage, assassination, theft.
  • Unleash poisons and plagues upon your enemies.
  • Build taverns, inns, brothels and more to help fuel your ventures.
  • Investigate kingdom histories and try to uncover the secrets of the past.
  • Combat the elements with seasons and random events like storms and volcanic eruptions.
  • All players & AI take their turn at the same time in secret. No traditional Round Robin system here.

Tales of a Spymaster brings layers to a complex game world and how it affects your endeavours. So as an example, a heavy loss in a poorly chosen battle could be far more costly in the long run. Since it will mean population growth will shrink due to a new absence of appropriately aged men.
Therefore, a wise Spymaster knows that advising your Monarch to go to war should always be a last resort.

Tales of a Spymaster is coming to Steam Early Access for 6 months starting this May. Releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows. Also, the Early Access release will be around the middle of May, the exact date has not been set yet.

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