Talos Principle VR releases for Linux via Steam

talos principle vr releases for linux and via steam games 2017

Independent developers Croteam (Serious Sam Fusion) and Devolver Digital announce The Talos Principle VR. Since the games already available on Steam, October 17th, 2017. The Talos Principle VR is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for Linux and Windows. And the VR version releases for $39.99 USD. While owners of the original The Talos Principle receive a 25% discount for The Talos Principle VR. So that’s a decent deal.

Since The Talos Principle VR is an extraordinary transfer for Croteam. The games also a hit, with full potential of virtual reality and HTC Vive. Also using technologies such as room-level VR support. As well as various motion modes and full VR configuration. Literally we can only imagine how amazing the game plays on Linux.

The Talos Principle VR version  is also enhanced with a four-step Road to Gehenna VR supplement at no extra charge.

“If the puzzle of The Talos Principle makes you feel like geniuses, then playing the Talos Principle VR you get impressed with your philosophical portfolios,” said CFO Devolver Digital and visionary VR Fork Parker.

The Talos Principle VR Teaser Trailer:

The Talos Principle VR Features:

  • Road to Gehenna included – explore a brand new narrative through four episodes. This will also challenge you with some of the most advanced puzzles in The Talos Principle.
  • True locomotion support – teleport, instant teleport, blink teleport, classic full locomotion. With or without comfort mode. Explore the game’s non-linear world and solving puzzles your way. Go with the safe built-in teleportation system. Since you can tweak and adjust the way you jump through the VR space to suit your play style.
  • Use your hands to divert drones. Manipulating laser beams and even replicate time to prove your worth. Or to find a way out.
  • Roomscale support – Explore the game world as if you were actually there. (But mind your real furniture)
  • Overcome numerous puzzles in an immersive and stunning VR world.
  • Explore a story about humanity, technology and civilization. Uncover clues, devise theories, and make up your own mind.
  • Choose your own path through the game’s non-linear world. While solving puzzles your way.

The Talos Principle VR releases via Steam for Linux and Windows, October 17th, 2017. More information on the official @Croteam and @DevolverDigital on Twitter.

I’m eager to know who has a VR headset for Linux? What are your thoughts the games VR version?

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