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Tangiers – Stealth final week with Add-ons and Stretch Goals

So – the start of the final week for Tangiers, with only “6 days to go”. Currently the Kickstarter campaign is at £31,067 with 1,551 backers and a pledge goal of only £35,000. Things have been been a bit of a bumpy ride for Alex Harvey, but the project is just on the verge of hitting our goal!!

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Firstly, by popular demand, Tangiers are now on Steam Greenlight.

(Follow the link by clicking the image)

Please vote for Tangiers! If you don’t like Steam, the project is also aiming to arrive on Desura. Both alongside their own distributions of DRM-free copies, so don’t worry about us getting tied into a single storefront.

From the Kickstarter Update:

We’ve also got a message board up for the game – it’s not particularly busy just yet, but it does make for a better platform to discuss the game. Please ignore the horrible default colour scheme we have at the moment!

This update covers Add-ons and Stretch Goals, but we’ll be back later tonight with a write-up of how the cut-up will function and how it effects and expands upon gameplay. But for now:


We’re putting up four add-ons for Tangiers at the moment. These are not tied to any particular reward tier and are open to anyone. Some cover areas missing on the existing rewards, others are little extras that I thought would be nice… we’re open to feedback of course, so if we’ve overlooked any good ideas send me a message! I’d like to do some canvas prints, but with small runs they’d be prohibitively expensive. If you’d be interested, let me know 🙂

To sign up for these, simply increase your pledge. Once the campaign is over, I’ll send a survey out to backers where you can tell me what you’re going for. Make sure to include international shipping!

£7 – Second Copy of Tangiers
Do you have a friend that might be interested in project, or perhaps know someone whose unsure as to whether it’s their sort of thing? An extra download of the game, discounted to the early-bird rate as a thank you for the extra support! Limited to one extra per backer. 

£10 – Early Poster (signed!) +£2 for international shipping
Some of you might not want to wait for all your rewards to come through, so we’ll be getting this poster printed and sent as soon as the money comes in! As a memento of your support, they’ll be signed and have a thank you message to you.
A3 glossy posters. To keep the cost reasonable, we’ll be (gently) folding them in half and keeping them safe between two sheets of rigid card. If you would like to have them sent out rolled in a tube, it’s a bit pricey but please add £4.00 on top!
We’ll be basing the design on this image, though I’ll be reworking and polishing the textures, lighting and composition on it (that skies a bit too plain…).

 Tangiers - Stealth final week with Add-ons and Stretch Goals

£20 – Postcards from Tangiers +£2 for international shipping A pack of ten, high quality glossy postcards of various landscapes around the world. Wish you were here!

£25 – Digital Only Credits Mention
We’ve had a few bits of feedback asking about a credits mention without the physical rewards. Fairly self explanatory – this is the end credits mention found in the £80 tier.

If by some gross improbability we go past the highest of these, there’s more to come!. Not just these extras mind you; everything that we do get will be going straight into the games production. Everything above our goal makes for a better Tangiers.

Get in on the action with Tangiers on Kickstarter

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