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Tannenberg new frontline roadmap and fixes

tannenberg gets new frontline update and fixes linux mac windows games 2017

Tannenberg the World War 1 first person shooter is back with some news. The games also seeing some roadmap details and bug fixes fro 2017. These ranges across Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam.

Tannenberg Frontline News:

We’ve already got plenty of useful feedback. Combined with our plans from before the launch. So here is a rough roadmap of what we are planning to work on next:

  • New user interface – this was part of our plan before the release, and we can see from various comments that you agree that it’s important.
  • Tweaks to the Maneuver game mode – we want to hear from you what works and what doesn’t so we can refine the mode and the maps to provide the best possible gameplay.
  • Sound improvements – we have already implemented some new ambient sound effects, and there are more to come!
  • General performance – this is definitely a big priority for us.
  • Matchmaking – we want to make sure the system for creating and assigning players to games when they choose to automatch is as efficient as possible in connecting players.
  • Making the bots better – overall, we’ve had positive reactions to the bots, and we want to make them even more fun to play with and against. Don’t forget that when you play an NCO role, bots in your squad will follow your orders!
  • Looking into ‘clunkiness’ – this is a fairly common complaint regarding the movement and sometimes the game in general, and we want to spend some time trying to address it.

Since Tannenberg entered open beta we have already put out several small patches. The address problems and improve performance. You can read the full patch changelogs here. Plus a recent patch to fix the weapon color issues that are obvious on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Shader fix:

“Added a workaround for Purple/Colored objects on AMD cards and Linux”

tannenberg weapon shading linux mac windows games 2017 screenshot tannenberg weapon shading fix linux mac windows games 2017 screenshot

If you run into glitches in the game, or just have good ideas for suggestions. You can post them to the issue tracking system. Players can use the same system to upvote problems you’ve encountered. Or that someone else has reported to show support for someone else’s suggestion.

There is a 50% off sale for Verdun on Steam as part of the 2017 Autumn Sale! Plus, owners of Verdun can get a 20% discount on Tannenberg until December 1st on Steam.

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