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Tannenberg wolf packs special Truce event

tannenberg wolf packs special truce event in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Tannenberg wolf packs special Truce event in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developers M2H and Blackmill Games. Along with a massive discount on Steam. While still holds an 88% Very Positive review score.

WW1 FPS Tannenberg once again sees wolf packs join the fray. Back with a special Truce event. While packs of hungry wolves invade your battlefield. It’s not up to you to react. That’s what players face with this limited time Wolf Truce event. Inspired by historical reports, the event will run until December 2nd. If wolves attack, players will be able to call a temporary truce to deal with them. Or try and take advantage of the chaos as a third party joins the fray.

Tannenberg: Wolf Truce Event Trailer

M2H and Blackmill Games started working together. While trying to create an authentic squad based WW1 Game Series. Starting back in 2013 with the FPS game Verdun. The game offers merciless trench warfare on the Western Front of the WW1. So after expanding the game immensely. The second entry of the series followed in 2019, Tannenberg. Since it offers first person action on the Eastern Front of the First World War.

The first person shooters of the WW1 Game Series are standalone titles. Which you can play individually. They’re the product of exhaustive research. As well as the development team’s deep personal enthusiasm for the history of the First World War. The series features authentic WW1 action and accurately recreated uniforms, weapons, and landscapes.

Every title in the series has a similar emphasis on tactical gunplay. But with special game modes that reflect the type of warfare seen in their theatre of the war. For example, Verdun features the trench warfare of the Western Front. While Tannenberg has the Maneuver game mode to capture the greater movement and encirclement seen on the Eastern Front.

Along with the Truce event for Tannenberg. Coming back with the wolf packs special. Which also means a huge 70% discount for the game on Steam. Dropping the price down to $5.99 USD. With support for Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.
Sadly only regular price on the Humble Store for all you humble supporters.

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