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Tannenberg WW1 shooter launches on Steam

tannenberg ww1 shooter launches on steam in linux mac windows games

Tannenberg the WW1 shooter launches in Linux, Mac, Windows games. Thanks to Blackmill Games and M2H. Who are now releasing the game on Steam and Humble Store. This is also the second entry in the WW1 Game Series. Which surprises the community with new content. While revealing a historical event in early Spring.

Bulgarian forces join the Central Powers in the authentic WW1 shooter. Bringing a new map and new weapons to the Eastern Front. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows. The Tannenberg feature trailer launches with a brief look.

Bulgaria enters the battle for Dobrudja!

The trailer shows Bulgaria joining the fight. Since they bring a batch of new equipment with them. Also new firearms, including the Berdan II rifle. A Russian designed weapon. One that the Bulgarians would also use against them in WW1.
Not all new weapons coming with the release are in Bulgarian hands. Since the Russians get the Berdan II rifle. While the Roumanians gain access to the British designed Martini-Henry rifle. Although it first saw action in 1871. It is still effective enough to be used. At least when supplies of other weapons were short.

The new Dobrudja map will see players do battle in the WW1 shooter. With a view of the Danube river. As they attempt to seize control of key hilltop fortress in Tannenberg. While holding off flanking attacks through the valley trenches. Combined with the other maps already in the game. This means players can now fight over territory. These are battlefields from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

Co-founder Mike Hergaarden says: “Inspired by the Dobrudja region. The new map showcases our commitment to creating authentic locations. We’ve done careful research. Creating something which reflects the challenges. Those that soldiers on the Eastern Front would have faced.”

Other battlefields in Tannenberg includes a small village. Located in the flat plains of Poland. Also a damaged armoured train in a hilly region of Galicia. A church at the centre of a valley in the Carpathians. And also the guarded Mount Cosna in Roumania.

This last iconic battlefield launches as well. Alongside a Roumanian squad following a vote. Asking players if they wanted to see Roumanian or Bulgarian troops added to the game.
However the result was a close one. So the developers decided to add Bulgaria as well.

Tannenberg Official Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The community has been great during Early Access. Also in addition to the two new factions. Recent months leading up the release have seen a flurry of other updates. All in response to their feedback of Tannenberg.
In distinct sectors, squads and roles within them. They are now even more original. Pick the Austro-Hungarian K.u.K. or Russian Frontovik squads. Since they have long range rifles. And also heavy artillery support.
Cossacks or German Infanterie for melee assaults. As well as taking ground. Or the Roumanian and Bulgarians to hold key sectors against enemy counter attacks.

Support call-ins have been further balanced. With options including gas, artillery, smoke, and recon planes.

There has been a range of historical events. All hosted in Tannenberg and predecessor Verdun. From the Christmas Truce and Remembrance Day. To player organized reenactments.
The developers are also announcing a new event for Spring. Since this follows the lesser known truce. The one reported by an American newspaper Press Release. The Tannenberg February 2019 ‘wolf truce’. The paper describes Russian and German soldiers. All forced to hold a temporary ceasefire. While facing huge packs of ravenous, starving wolves.

Since there may be more than a little fantasy in the story. It makes for an interesting what-if scenario.
During the upcoming event when the wolves start howling. So players will decide whether or not to hold a ceasefire.

Players can get Tannenberg ww1 shooter on Steam. The game also launches with a 15% discount available on Steam. But you can get a 25% loyalty discount. If you already own Verdun. All playable on Linux, Mac and Windows.