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TASTEE: Lethal Tactics turn-based strategy could see a Linux release

tastee lethal tactics could make a linux release

TASTEE: Lethal Tactics is a #simultaneous tactics game that drops you into the thick of a close-quarters #gunfight. Assemble a crew from 12 elite guns-for-hire and harness their special abilities to gain the upper hand.

Anyone who calls a gunfight a ballet has seen way too many movies. There’s nothing graceful about a shotgun blast to the gut. When bullets start flying, it’s the crew with pinpoint precision and perfectly honed teamwork that walks out alive.

TASTEE: Lethal Tactics gives you total control over your units. Anticipate your opponent’s movements, plan your attack, and chain multiple commands together to perfectly execute every nuance. With simultaneous tactics, you can forget about all that back-and-forth nonsense, as both sides issue their orders in unison and watch as their strategies collide in a frenzy of action.

Take down the cartels in 30 singleplayer missions, practice against the AI, and bring the fight to other players in online multiplayer across 10 maps. With randomized elements in each map, no two fights will ever be the same.

When it comes to Linux, the developers are looking for a further demand from the community on Steam. Although porting to Linux is fairly easy in Unity.

“Right now we’re on PC but we’re definitely open to other platforms, and it’s very encouraging to us that people keep asking for support on other platforms.  We use unity for development.”

Available now on Steam Early Access, TASTEE: Lethal Tactics is the first independent PC release from Skybox Labs, whose credits include the Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology series.  As a special reward for early-adopters, all Early Access players will immediately receive a free code for a friend and a special pack of character skins upon release.


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