Tech Support: Error Unknown new modes Sale

tech support error unknown new modes sale in linux mac windows pc games

Tech Support: Error Unknown has a new modes update and sale in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. thanks to Indie video game publisher Iceberg Interactive. And also developer Dragon Slumber. Since the games discounted on Steam right now.

Tech Support: Error Unknown also has a new Endless Challenge Mode. And also a ‘Zen mode’ update. The games also on sale with a 25% discount from May 6th-13th on Steam.

In the ‘Endless Challenge’ mode, players fight to reach the top of the online leaderboards; taking on 3 different challenges, each with 2 levels of difficulty. The challenges you can compete in are:

  • Speed: complete as many tickets as you can within 10 minutes.
  • Time: earn a target amount of money in Tech Support: Error Unknown. Doing so as fast as possible by completing tickets.
  • Perfection: respond to as many customers as you can but don’t make any mistakes… One misstep and your game is over!

Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed? In Zen mode, players can complete tickets for as long as they wish without the risk of losing their jobs.

Tech Support: Error Unknown available Today (Linux, Mac and Windows PC)

Both modes are now available for free through Steam. So all Tech Support: Error Unknown owners will get the update. Since it integrates seamlessly with the original version of the game. Players can access the new modes in two ways:

  1. Through completing the game. By reaching any of Tech Support: Error Unknown‘s multiple main endings. The modes are automatically unlocked. Players who have already completed the game will see these modes unlocked immediately.
  2. When booting the game, players can click on the BIOS option to manually activate the new modes. They may also uncover additional secrets in this menu!

Tech Support: Error Unknown has also been shortlisted as a finalist at Momocon 2019. And lead developer Kevin Giguère from Dragon Slumber will be attending the event. Running from May 23rd to 26th in Atlanta, Georgia. More information on Momocon 2019 can be found here.

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