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Tech Support: Error Unknown releases today

tech support error unknown releases today in linux mac windows games

Tech Support: Error Unknown releases today in Linux, Mac and Windows games. So thanks to Indie game publisher Iceberg Interactive. And also developer Dragon Slumber. Officially announces the release of Tech Support: Error Unknown. The games available on Steam and Humble Store.

So now that the release is here. This release is also supported with a trailer. Which highlights the many choices you have to make. While exploring the games branching narrative.

Tech Support: Error Unknown puts you in the role of a new employee. Working in the IT department for Quasar Telecommunications. A huge global business.
Now as a player, you discover that Quasar also has an agenda. Which isn’t all the news media makes it out to be.
Gameplay follows a long running, cyber tug of war. Facing off between Quasar. And also Tech Support’s hacker faction, Indigo.
So now you can choose a side with the IT group. Since this is one of many available paths to follow. Or follow a different path. It’s all up to you.

Tech Support: Error Unknown Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Using the Spectrum OS virtual desktop interface. Players chat with customers and colleagues in Tech Support: Error Unknown. Doing so through a realistic, unique dialogue system. While solving puzzles and learn more about the business. Also make educated decisions. Since this greatly changes the story’s outcome. Will you remain loyal to your employment chief? Or disrupt them from within?
Whatever you story, every choice matters.


  • Engage customers and employees. Doing so through a unique dialogue system
  • Choose how to approach each issue in Tech Support: Error Unknown. Take part in a sandbox computer setting
  • Decide who to side with and unlock new gameplay
  • Discover multiple major and minor endings
  • Mouse-only controls. So this makes the game usable for all

Tech Support: Error Unknown will soon receive a free update. Hence the new Endless Mode.

Endless Mode is a leaderboard system. Where players take on the following 3 challenges at 2 difficulties;

  • Speed: Complete as many tickets as you can. Doing so within 10 minutes.
  • Timed: Earn a target amount of money as fast as possible. Working through completing tickets.
  • Perfection: Complete as many tickets as you can. As fast as you can for a high score. First mistake ends the game.

Tech Support: Error Unknown releases today on Linux, Mac and Windows. So join the Launch Day Live Stream on Steam. The games also available on Humble Store. Priced at $8.99 USD, including a 10% discount until March 6th.

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