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Techland team “high score” trailer for The Collider 2 for the first online tournament


Recently several members of the Techland team took part in setting the high score for the The Collider 2the latest game from Techland’s sister studio #ShortBreak. They recorded their heated competition and compiled a special video that showcases the #ClashMode, one of the two core #gameplay modes in The Collider 2.

Watch the gameplay trailer on YouTube

In the Clash Mode, players put their eye-hand coordination to the ultimate test as they try to stay alive as long as possible at the near light-speed velocities, at the same time manoeuvring between never-ending obstacles and lethal traps. Techland’s high score of 10,875,432 will also be the first target for players to beat in the first online tournament after the game’s launch.

The Collider 2 launches on Steam on April 19th, 2016 for $9.99 / €9.99 / £6.99 with full VR support included.

About Shortbreak Studios

Shortbreak®, a part of Techland, unites experienced developers to create and publish bite-sized games. Raised at arcades and with handheld consoles, they’ve never forgotten the charm of easy to pick up, accessible fun. Having published Sugar High, Beat the Melody, Heal them All and The Collider, Shortbreak® enters a new realm of arcade games with titles such as Guncat and The Collider 2.


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