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Technosphere Reload puzzle games coming to Windows, but also has sights on Linux. Developer Adaptive Game reached out with details. Since the games due to release on Steam next week May 15th.

Technosphere Reload will have players going on a dangerous journey. Exploring into the heart of an asteroid. While working to save humanity from disaster. So you control the TECHNOSPHERE. And must roll, jump, balance and solve puzzles. While making your way through mazes.

Linux Support:

“I have already thought about the release of the game on Linux.
At the moment, we are completing the development of the main version for PC. And after that, I will do porting for Linux and Mac.”

So this is some good news. I’m pleased to see Linux is already a consideration. The games release is coming to Windows next week. But the native build will follow not to far after.

Technosphere Reload features large spaces with volumetric illumination. Also different gameplay mechanics and dozens of mazes. This includes traps, lasers, turrets and bombs. Which will make your mission harder to accomplish.

Technosphere Reload is set in a sci-fi environment”, says Ivan Shevchenko, CEO at Adaptive Game. “You will just have 10 hours to go on a dangerous journey into the core of an asteroid and save the Earth”.

Technosphere Reload – Alpha trailer (Windows PC, then Linux and Mac)

While taking place in 2590 AD. Atlas Corporation is digging up crystals. Doing so in the core of an asteroid. Which also happen to be in earths orbit. Due to a failure in the asteroid systems. The orbit correction is disabled.
So only the TECHNOSPHERE is able to reload the asteroid system. While restoring the orbit. You have 10 hours to save the earth from disaster.


  • Large spaces with volumetric illumination;
  • Sci-fi setting;
  • Different mechanics;
  • Mazes, traps, lasers, turrets, bombs and more.
  • Doomsday timer. You may not have time to save the earth;
  • Technosphere Improvements;
  • Score system (try to be The Best…));
  • Full controller support;

Technosphere Reload will bring it’s puzzles to Linux. But the games launching on Steam for Windows PC. Followed by support there after. We also do not have details on price yet.

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