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TechnoTsunami brave the mystery with support

technotsunami due to brave the mystery with support in linux gaming and windows pc

TechnoTsunami due to brave the mystery with support in Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Neon Castle. Plus the new release is doing well on Steam with Very Positive reviews.

A new project from Neon Castle, TechnoTsunami. Which is also a game that combines elements of space, sci-fi and puzzle solving. Which is officially available for Windows PC, but missing Linux support.

Game is made with Unreal Engine 4 and I am definitely interested in releasing a Linux version. I am going to try to find a Linux machine to build the game for Linux.

Unreal Engine 4 certainly explains the quality of TechnoTsunami. Not to mention surprised by the release. As well as the excellent reviews on Steam. Not to mention the positive reply regarding support in Linux gaming.

The whole idea behind TechnoTsunami is to solve puzzles within a horror setting. The story takes place in a mysterious space cruise ship, Neon Castle. While robots fight each other for future technology. So they can prevent the Earth from falling into ruin by future technologies. As a result, you need to overcome the hurdles along the way. Discover the truth behind a series of plots. And beware of those robots, are they friendly or vicious?

TechnoTsunami Release Trailer

Enjoy the clash between the past and future.

  • The space cruise ship is scattered with all kinds of advanced technology from the future. If you have seen the movie Back to the future, you will get it.
  • During exploration, players will face different factions in TechnoTsunami. Facing the Weavers and the Purifiers. Stay focused and keep calm.
  • What happened in Neon Castle is hidden behind the complex puzzles. You will discover the scheme behind the story and solve puzzles.

The story is taking place in space. So you could have a view of the galaxy through the window. Later on, players will be able to get on the deck and feel the space around you.

In TechnoTsunami you can hear the machines rumbling in the background. Red neon light fills the corridors. Plus a feeling of strangeness and punk create this thriller setting for you to explore.


  • Beautiful settings of a mysterious cruise ship in space.
  • Solve puzzles and uncover the TechnoTsunami mysteries.
  • Fight or work together with robots. Which are remotely controlled by humans on the Earth.
  • 4 Different levels.
  • Over 5 hours of gameplay.
  • Customizable difficulty settings.

So clearly TechnoTsunami is a great game. Due to brave the mystery by offering up support in Linux gaming and Windows PC. Available on Steam, priced at $6.99 USD until November 4th. Which also includes a 30% discount too.

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