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Tekken 7 release date set for 2015 with new characters and plot

The wait for Tekken 7 is soon over as the game’s release date is set for 2015! Tekken fans can expect the #game to hit the market around the latter months of next year.

Namco Bandai is said to be working on the early stages of the Tekken 7 game’s #development, and should be reaching the final touches by the next year.

In Tekken 7, fans can finally find out the answers to many of the Tekken series mysteries: Why is Heihachi attempting to kill his grandson and why did Heihachi throw Kazuya off a cliff? What’s the true identity of Devil Jin? These are just a few of the many questions that Tekken 7 is ready to answer. As Harada said, the new game chapter is set to conclude the Mishima clan saga.

Aside from the Tekken 7 characters revealed in the game’s debut trailer, Concept Arts said that Tekken players can also expect other returning characters, like Lars Alexandersson, in the new game chapter. On top of that, two new characters are already expected in Tekken 7: Kazumi Mishima (Heihachi’s wife) and a soon-to-be-revealed Arabian fighter. The rumor is that there might be more!

Namco’s chief producer and game director, Katsuhiro Harada, also gave out a few more details to keep the fans excited. He said that Tekken 7 will depart from the previous game concepts and feature one-on-one battles and Unreal Engine 4. Mr. Harada is proud to mention that Unreal Engine 4 will bring game players a new fighting experience; this powerful next-gen platform is easy to use and has achieved a visual quality that exceeds the previous generations!

While other details are yet to be revealed, the game fans can certainly expect Tekken 7 to be available for PS4 and Xbox One. Tekken 7‘s PSP, PC, and other consoles’ versions are also expected after the game’s release date in 2015. For now, check out Tekken 7‘s trailer from July 2014; it will give you a brief background on Mrs. Mishima, her key role in the whole Mishima clan mystery, as she was killed by her own husband – Heihachi – prior to the beginning of the Tekken story.

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