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Telepath Tactics turn-based strategy RPG releases today for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Telepath Tactics, the #indie turn-based #strategy RPG from #SinisterDesign has finally arrived. Coming loaded with deep, deterministic mechanics and smoothly animated pixel art, set in an oddball steampunk universe where generals use telepathy to relay their orders, knights ride atop giant armored praying mantises.

Chief developer Craig Stern, found himself playing Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance one evening when he had a moment of sudden clarity. Looking around his living room, he was struck by how alone he was in that moment; he’d been having such fun, and yet there were no friends around to share the experience with. Determined to create a best-in-class tactical combat system that could be enjoyed in either single player or multiplayer mode, Craig set out to marry the very best mechanics of classic series like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Disgaea to skill-based determinism. The result: a set of tactically rich, low-luck combat mechanics that forms the solid core of Telepath Tactics.

Featuring gorgeous pixel art, destructible battlefields, environmental hazards you can shove enemies into, the ability to build bridges and barricades, and a ruleset that adopts best practices from such classic series as Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea.


  • Play through a story-driven single player campaign with dozens of unique characters in a tale of love, death, and intrigue!
  • Build an army from among 23 different classes! Learn more than 110 distinct attacks as you level up your units, then promote them to powerful prestige classes!
  • Destroy walls, freeze water, build bridges and lay explosives, changing the face of the battlefield to your advantage!
  • Capture the high ground to get damage and range bonuses for your ranged attacks!
  • Shove enemies off of cliffs!
  • Fling enemies into environmental hazards like traps, water, and lava!
  • Employ more than 110 different skills and attacks to defeat your enemies, with nasty effects like mind control, blindness, and burning!
  • Confront aggressive enemy AI that reacts to your moves, grabs items, breaks down your barricades, doggedly pursues your most vulnerable characters, and shoves you into the lava every chance it gets!
  • Deal with merchants to keep your army well-supplied; make hard choices about your priorities both on and off the battlefield as you march against the slavers who imprisoned your family.
  • Undertake missions in both hand-crafted scenarios and procedurally generated dungeons and forests!
  • Tired of single player? Play 2-6 player multiplayer matches with randomized item drops, multiple play modes, and support for team matches!
  • Employ the easy-to-use Telepath Tactics map editor to create your own scenarios; easily mod in new characters, items, attacks, tilesets, destructible objects, and even brand-new single player campaigns!
  • Download other peoples’ campaigns, drop them in the User Campaigns folder, and voila: you now have brand-new campaigns available to play!

Telepath Tactics takes place in an unusual fantasy-steampunk universe. Magic does not exist: instead, there are psionics and steam-powered technology reliant on a volatile, crystalline substance called vibra. There are no elves, no dwarves, no goblins, no dragons: it’s just humans and a few other, entirely original sentient races (such as the shadowlings, creatures that quite literally feed on human suffering).

Telepath Tactics is a turn-based strategy RPG now available with a 10% discount for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam.