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Television Phase Content for Rocket League

television phase content for rocket league in linux mac windows pc games

Television Phase Content is almost here for Rocket League on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Psyonix, the San Diego video game developer. Who is now revealing details for the new DLC.

Television Phase Content reveals full details for Radical Summer. Hence the on going ‘80s themed summer event. Which is coming to Rocket League.
The Television phase also begins on July 22nd. But then ends on August 12th. So we have a small time frame to grab the DLC. And this is also the one I have personally been waiting on. Since this features the Knight Rider Car Pack. Hence the new limited time Game Mode. And the Radical Summer Event Store items from ‘80s Television.

radical television rocket league knight rider screenshots kitt

Included in Radical Summer’s Television phase:

  • Knight Rider Car Pack – The Knight Rider Car Pack will be available for $1.99 USD. The pack will include the K.I.T.T. Battle Car. From the ‘80s television show Knight Rider. As well as K.I.T.T. Wheels and K.I.T.T. Gullwing Topper. All in the Television Phase release
  • Beach Ball Game Mode – This limited-time 2v2 Soccar Game Mode. Inspired by the physics of a classic beach ball. Which also features a larger ball that floats and curves.
  • Iconic ‘80s Television Event Items – New items in the Radical Summer Event Store for this phase are:
    • DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender – Decal and Topper
    • WWE – “Macho Man” Topper and Ultimate Warrior Decal

television phase content rocket league knight rider screenshots kitt

Also if you missed any of the event items from the previous phases. The event store from all three phases of Radical Summer will reopen. Basically a “Last Chance” redemption period. So you’ll be able to redeem leftover Cassettes for event items. Including the Television Phase. But doing so for all three phases until August 19th.

Knight Industries has crafted its own Knight Industries Two-Thousand. Also known as K.I.T.T. with one mission. Designed to dominate the field. The iconic car headlines the Knight Rider Car Pack DLC. This will be available July 22nd for $1.99 USD. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
Again, this also includes K.I.T.T. Wheels. As well as the K.I.T.T. Gullwing Topper. But due note, self-driving capabilities are not included. And if you don’t own Rocket League. Check it out on Humble Store and Steam.

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