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Temple of Snek dungeon puzzle drops Linux

temple of snek dungeon puzzle game launches but drops linux and mac support for windows pc

Temple of Snek dungeon puzzle game launches but drops Linux and Mac support for Windows PC. Which is the result of further details from developer Aetheric Games. That officially launches today on Steam and Itch.

Temple of Snek is a snaky tile-based dungeon puzzle game with a unique adventure. While deep in her lair slumbers an avatar of the goddess Snek, guardian of her secret and mysterious temple. When raiders and grave robbers come seeking ancient treasure, the stern priestesses sound the alarm and Snek awakens. Due to defend the temple, monch the infidels, and grow and grow and… grow.

The game has been in Early Access since August 2021. While gaining a solid following and earning 96t% Very Positive reviews. Now Temple of Snek v1.0 is here, but Aetheric Games has dropped Linux from the Roadmap. As a result we reached out to the one-man developer for details.

You’re correct to point out that Linux support was on my roadmap at one point. I took it out of my plan for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Aetheric Games is a very small studio – really just me, and part-time at that. With my skills, knowledge, availability, and with the scope of the project for overall, I realised it wasn’t realistic for me to promise Linux (or Mac) support.
The second reason is that I learned the game works well enough on Proton, maybe with some tweaking or a specific Proton version.

Aetheric also states in a Steam post, “I realized it just wasn’t a realistic promise. If the scope of the project changes in the future, I’ll think about it some more.”
While native support is out of the question, Proton support does work. Having tested the Demo myself, the gameplay mechanics and performance via Unreal Engine 4 work surprisingly well. This is a good save for the developer.

Temple of Snek – Launch Trailer

Temple of Snek takes the rhythm and reaction-based mechanics of the traditional Snake-like games and coils them through an interconnected puzzle dungeon with interactive music. You control Snek, a giant snake who starts off small, and guide her through a dungeon. Growing each time you monch on a looter. Sometimes the test is needing to grow a bit longer in order to progress. Sometimes it’s knowing what to do with all that tail. As the world unlocks, metroidvania fashion, you’ll encounter new puzzle types and NPCs. Puzzles that seemed impossible become solvable as you learn about how Snek moves and stacks in three dimensions.

The Temple of Snek story is presented wordlessly. The Temple is in the forest of a fantastic pre-Hispanic world. To begin with, Snek is defending the temple from press ganged indigenous raiders. But before long it becomes clear that the real villains are conquistadors. Since they are here to not only take gold but to ravage the area. Snek’s ultimate goal is to deal with the conquistadors and protect her world.

As well as Story Mode, Temple of Snek also features a lot of accessibility options. Classic Mode (a twist on more traditional snake play). Mek-a-Snek (for designing your own snek-skin patterns). Snek Workshop (a level editor for making and sharing snek-puzzles on Steam).

Temple of Snek dungeon puzzle game launches on Windows PC, but does offer hope for Linux via Proton. Available on both Steam and Itch. The game is also aptly priced at $11.99 USD / £9.99 / 10,99€.

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