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Terminal 81 mystery sim is a nightmare

terminal 81 mystery sim game launches into a nightmare for linux and windows pc

Terminal 81 mystery sim game launches into a nightmare for Linux and Windows PC. All credit goes to the imaginative brilliance of developer David Pateti. Available on Steam with a discount and 92% Positive reviews.

Terminal 81 is not just another title you get to finish in one sitting. Think of it as an exploration journey, a mystery to solve, and a terrifying nightmare all rolled into one. With a touch of old-school charm, it’s like stepping into a vintage painting, but with a spine-chilling twist.

It’s 2008, and a huge financial crash has hit the world. So, Lorena decides to move to the bustling, wealthy city of São Paulo. She wants to land a job and support her family – a brave move. Well, she gets a job, but in a place known as Terminal 81. This isn’t your typical neighborhood; it’s a dilapidated, old industrial hub, rampant with crime and grime.

In this mystery sim, Lorena soon finds out a group of girls her age have been kidnapped. While she delves deeper into the maze-like streets of Terminal 81, she find the horrifying truth. What seemed like a gritty Latin American locale has an underlying darkness. It’s controlled by a shadowy group involved in murders, forced labor, and trafficking.

Terminal 81 Trailer

So now here’s where you come in. You get to uncover the secrets, interact with its inhabitants, make tough choices, and find the real story behind this seemingly simple neighborhood. The fate of the plot rests in your hands. Will you manage to help Lorena and solve the mystery?

As you traverse through this nightmarish realm, the developers ensure your immersion is as deep as it can be. The design is not just about the visuals, but the sounds and effects that set the mood. You’re not just a spectator but part of this world. You work, earn, shop, interact – there’s never a dull moment in Terminal 81.

What makes Terminal 81 stand out is the ability to free roam. Since you can explore various corners like eateries, shops, clubs, fairs, and parks. And if you think you’ve seen it all, think again. Depending on the choices you make, there are multiple conclusions. So that no two Linux play through’s will feel the same.

This game launches with support for all favourite controllers. Whether you’re a fan of Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or any other, you can dive right in. Plus, it offers cloud-saving through Steam Cloud. Your progress isn’t bound by one device; take your exploration anywhere you want.

Terminal 81 isn’t just a playthrough; it’s an experience, an immersive game that thrills, scares, and excites. The mystery sim launches on Steam, priced at $4.49 USD / £3.86 / 4,49€, including the 10% discount. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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