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Terra Ventura action RPG officially launches

terra ventura action rpg game officially launches on linux and windows pc

Terra Ventura action RPG game officially launches on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing creative effort of developer Logical Progression Games. Which is now live on Steam.

Fans of classic style RPGs will be eager for good news. Since the isometric action RPG, Terra Ventura developed by a one man studio, gets a full release on Steam. Along with positive reviews. Plus the game features real time combat, skill tree paths, and player development. Including character customization and limited semi-random loot. On top of, handcrafted maps and more. All while combining classic style isometric action RPGs with modern gameplay features.

Terra Ventura Release trailer

Take on the Terra Ventura action RPG adventure on an off the charts island. One where your character gets shipwrecked. As s result, you will collect loot and explore the maps for collectibles. Then find the way back to your crew.

Delve into a medieval fantasy world. You will encounter a town setting, underground caves, and lava lakes. Also face winter conditions, toxic wastelands, desert dunes, and much more. Approach each setting with hack and slash combat or use acquired skills. While you will take on 30 enemies with different abilities and strengths.


  • Select your Terra Ventura with unqiue characteristics and abilities. Right from four different types, each with inherent advantages – Archer, Musketeer, Explorer or Fighter
  • Develop your selected character while improving character stats. Then gain powerful bonuses by collecting runes. Unlock the skill tree by investing into an explosives path or attacking path. There is also a health path, alchemy path, and materials path. Even character has unique paths.
  • Collect loot, manage inventory, find alchemist, smith, merchant, or tailor shop. Since you can trade additional items or repair gear.
  • Explore handcrafted maps ranging from a town setting, underground caves, lava lakes, and winter conditions. Due to further toxic wastelands, desert dunes, and more. Approach each setting in Terra Ventura with combat or use acquired skills.
  • Scout the maps for collectibles and engage in optional quests.
  • Play the hard mode with tougher enemies, less loot, and less consumable items. If you are ready for an experience that will also test you further.

Terra Ventura isometric action RPG launches on Steam. Priced at $11.99 USD / £9.11 / 9,99€, including the 20% discount. Which is also available for both Linux and Windows PC.

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