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Terraforming Earth has to abandon support

terraforming earth adventure puzzle platformer has to abandon support for linux but not mac and windows pc

Terraforming Earth adventure puzzle platformer for Mac and Windows PC has to abandon support for Linux. According to news from independent game development studio Lost Robots. Which also now has a full release out of Early Access on Steam.

Terraforming Earth is an original roguelike puzzle platformer. Which also happens to take place in a future where humankind is extinct. As you control three robots with different abilities. Tou can combine their skills to be more effective. While working your way through procedurally generated levels. All in a single player experience or in shared split screen.

Since puzzle games teach you many new skills. They are also finite and you finish them. Then you can’t use those skills anymore. But devleoper Lost Robots invented a puzzle designer AI. This creates fresh levels for every run. So that you can use your new problem solving skills for as long as you like.

Terraforming Earth Official Trailer

Since Terraforming Earth is developed using the Love2d engine. There are some issues that prevent the Linux build from taking place.

I’m afraid that some of the dependencies wouldn’t work right away. So, no, I don’t have the time and strength. To be honest, less than 100 people purchased the game so far. So it doesn’t make sense to keep supporting this project in any way.

This is some rather disappointing news for the game. Since the reviews on Steam are ALL positive. Players who appreciate the unique features of the gameplay. And also the skill to make your way through each level. Not to mention a Steam thread also asking for Linux support.
But on top of it all, the less than 100 people purchasing the game is a let down. Since indie developers typically ARE the innovators when it comes to game design. And Terraforming Earth is an excellent title. Definitely worth playing, even using Proton.

Since Terraforming Earth was launched in Early Access back in January. There are three free DLC’s also included: Drone Danger, Environment and Turret Trouble. These add even more new enemies and puzzles to the game.


  • AI-generated levels (incl. boss fights)
  • Level curation
  • $100 Bounty for first unsolvable level
  • A simple yet hard resource management meta-game
  • Single-player and Co-op
  • Full controller support
  • A story about quirky robots and AI-risk
  • Procedurally generated music

Therefore, even though Terraforming Earth adventure puzzle platformer has to abandon support. The game is available for Windows PC and Mac. But certainly very playable via Proton on Linux. Priced at $14.99 USD via Steam.

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