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Terraforming Earth roguelike port is possible

terraforming earth roguelike port is possible on linux mac windows pc

Terraforming Earth roguelike puzzle platformer Linux port is possible along side Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to independent game development studio Lost Robots. Available on Steam Early Access with a discount. Along with

Since the release is now live. Terraforming Earth is a side scrolling roguelike puzzle platformer. Currently in active development and also receiving quite a bit of hype. The games also won a few awards. So they are definitely doing something well. Despite the lack of Steam reviews. So naturally, I asked about Linux support. Seeing this is the only platform missing.Terraforming Earth

We built the game with Love2d. So a Linux port is possible but not in focus right now. We probably won’t do it until 2020 August.

Seeing the games’ in Early Access. Keeping platform support manageable is the goal. Therefore, Lost Robots are looking at a Linux port later. Obviously much closer or at full release. Which is a benefit for the community. Since this means more levels and level sharing. Plus a bigger storyline.

Terraforming Earth Official Launch Trailer

Terraforming Earth takes place in a future where humankind is extinct. And as a result, you will control three robots with different abilities. All working together to get through procedurally generated levels.

The gameplay itself has a focus on problem solving and planning. Rather than learning how to memorize the level first. The game creates some unique situations each time you play. So that even boss fights and music are procedurally generated.
The game comes with solo and local co-op modes. And gameplay should be treated as a full release. At least in terms of polish and functionality. And as stated above, the Terraforming Earth full version is coming in 6 months. So you can expect more obstacles and enemy types.


  • AI-generated levels
  • Optional challenges (permadeath and time-pressure)
  • Level curation in Terraforming Earth
  • Single-player
  • Local co-op multiplayer
  • Full controller support
  • A story about quirky robots and environmental catastrophes
  • Procedurally generated music

Terraforming Earth is available with a 15% discount on Steam. And at full price on, $29.99 USD. Available for Mac and Windows PC. But entirely untested using Proton on Linux.

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