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Terran action adventure shooter coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC in 2016


Set in the distant future, Terran is an action, #adventure, shooter from #HeathenEngineering for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, set to #release in 2016. Players start as a pilot taking the first steps into the galaxy, free of allegiances and obligations. Join or form factions, corporations, bounty hunter gangs or even crime syndicates, forging your own story in a living evolving galaxy. Fly solo or with a massive fleet, take a role in government or start a corporation, the galaxy and game-play will respond to choices and performance of your character.

Terran is not your average space life simulator. Your ship’s event system ensures a multitude of activities at your fingertips, warping you to your destination instantly. The events may be mission orders and opportunities, or from a host of civil, military, and environmental pursuits that grant you the chance to shape the galaxy or be shaped by it. The rewards for success and the consequences for failure are determined by how you choose to engage with these unfolding events.

Design your own ships

  • Build your ship from an expanding array of parts in any of the 13 capital class categories. Research, manufacture, buy, steal and discover new parts. Assemble killer ships and even share them with your friends.

Command & Control

  • Receive and issue tactical orders in real time combat. Relationships, culture, and individual persona affects how your forces will respond to your orders. Objectives can be issued but loyalty determines how or even if they will be followed.

Capital Ship Combat

  • Take direct real time control of a massive capital class warship and participate in single ship, wing, flotilla, division and full fleet actions. From the agile corvette well under a hundred meters long to the huge Gar which can exceed 2,000 meters what you fly has a major impact on how you fly.

Civilization Management

  • Become the leader of a world, system, sector, region or the whole galaxy! You can join and rise in the ranks or form your own faction, corporation, crime syndicate or bounty hunter team. Grow and expand through military power, business savvy or political tenacity.

Galactic Quests

  • The galaxy is always evolving, reacting to NPCs and you. Events are always right at your fingertips with zero flying aimlessly in empty space. How you choose to engage in them or if at all will guide the continuous evolution of your story.


  • Like a true Thespian Terran is always in character and never admits it’s a game. You are a Terran pilot, a being merged with machine, feared and respected across the known galaxy. The game will present as if it’s your ship OS and the galaxy will respond to your skill and style presenting a constantly evolving and changing experience.

Native VR Support

  • Built in and ready to go support for popular VR headsets and of course for traditional screen play.

For those interested to get into some gameplay, try out the Terran demo, available for Linux and Windows PC.

Terran is destined for Linux, Mac and Windows PC sometime in 2016. For now, players can vote on Steam Greenlight.

For further udpates and development, make sure to follow Terran on Facebook, Twitter and check out the YouTube channel for more gameplay.


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