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TerraScape new city builder to get a port

terrascape card based city builder game is due to get a linux port with windows pc

TerraScape card based city builder game is due to get a Linux port with Windows PC. Due to further details from developer Bitfall Studios. Working to make its way onto Steam Early Access.

Place the first lumberjack hut. Draw the next card and be surprised. In TerraScape you can build a complete village according to your own wishes. The challenge is to place the buildings wisely. The more clever they are placed, the higher the reward, which has a direct impact on your score. Will you be lucky with your next deck? In TerraScape, luck and skills are the key to success. Which is a unique and interesting approach to city building.

When asking Bitfall Studios if Linux or Proton support will be available, they said both, “Linux and proton”. So that Linux players will be able to take on an inviting, varied, and relaxed game. One that also gives you the chance to shape and expand your empire with each pack of cards. Earn points by placing your cards wisely. Get your reward in the form of further decks, which you can use step by step. Then very cleverly secure the future of your city and thus your success in the game.

TerraScape Teaser

Different game modes and procedural maps guarantee unique challenges. So that you alone set the pace of your TerraScape game. While at teh same time working to build your own dream city. Each pack of cards in TerraScape offers different buildings and ways to expand your city. Place your cards with care, then turn by turn, round by round, you skillfully build and grow your city.

Don’t just rely on your luck in this card based city builder game It is up to you to realize your ideas in the beautiful world of TerraScape and create your paradise round by round!

The first wooden planks and bricks have already been placed. TerraScape will challenge your strategic skills to bring your city’s vision to life in Q1 2023 via Steam Early Access. Do to stay in development for roughly 12 months. While offering support for Linux and Windows PC. And also Proton support.

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