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Terror of Hemasaurus city smash ’em to get support

terror of hemasaurus retro city smash 'em game to get support for linux with windows pc

Terror of Hemasaurus retro city smash ’em game is due to get support for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the work and effort of developer Loren Lemcke. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Indie publisher Digerati is monstrously excited to confirm the news. Due it’s due to bring the retro city smash ’em up Terror of Hemasaurus to Windows PC. But they also have plans for Linux early next year. A modern arcade experience and also the next game from Super Blood Hockey developer, Loren Lemcke.

Reaching out to Loren Lemcke, I asked about Linux support for Terror of Hemasaurus. Here’s the email reply:

Terror of Hemasaurus uses Monogame, which can fairly easily port to Linux.

While this is good news, Loren Lemcke is also aware of Proton. Since it works well with Monogame. This means, in one way or another, these are the two options being evaluated. This is due to arrive after the initial release on Windows PC.
Personally, I’m pushing for the native Linux option. Especially since Monogame is being used for development.

As part of a dubious plan by The Church of the Holy Lizard to save humanity. Doing so from its own reckless disregard of the planet. This is where players embark on a rampaging, hugely satisfying, and darkly funny trail of ruin. Doing so across multiple stages as one of four monsters. Such as the Hemasaurus, Clocksloth, Salamandrah, and Autonomous Hemasaurus.

Terror of Hemasaurus – Official Announcement Trailer

Terror of Hemasaurus also combines awesome pixel ruin and stupidly big explosions. This certainly includes with absurd deaths and comedic accidents. All coming in one monster sized blast of apocalyptic good times. Players will be able to enjoy the end of the world fun alone. Since you can have up to three friends join in local co-op. Or using Steam Remote Play Together.


  • MONSTERS! Hemasaurus! Clocksloth! Salamandrah! Autonomous Hemasaurus! Four terrifying (but also kind of adorable) beasts, each with their own killer moves!
  • DESTRUCTION! Explosive pixel devastation and mayhem on a monstrous scale! Terror of Hemasaurus lsets you reduce buildings to dust. Topple skyscrapers. Destroy everything!
  • DEATH! Hurl humans into helicopter blades! Butt slam into crowds of terrified citizens! Eat people for food! Smoosh them all to save the planet!
  • STAGES! Do what Terror of Hemasaurus tells you across a variety of levels! Kick cars into buildings! Rescue the cats and dogs! Total a tower in record time!
  • FRIENDS! Got buddies? Good for you! Put them to use by getting them to join you for some local co-op carnage! Up to four friends can cause terror together!

Terror of Hemasaurus will certainly offer a unique retro city smash ’em. Due to make its way onto Steam for Windows PC, followed by Linux. So be sure to Wishlist the game now.