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Tesla Fights Zombies In New Puzzle-Platformer Almost Funded

Nikola Tesla fanboys now have a game to call their own. The Serbian-American inventor is the main character in Tesla Breaks the World!, a new adventure currently soliciting funds on KickstarterTBTW takes place at the turn of the 19th century. Tesla has invented a new machine called the Micro-Portable Magnifying Transmitter Device. Instead of doing…whatever it’s supposed to do, though, it turns the deceased into shambling corpses. Tesla must battle these hordes of dead and then confront his archnemesis: Thomas Edison.

The game is a side-scroller filled with puzzles. Players will wield a range of gadgets including x-rays, tesla coils, and Peace Rays. They’ll unlock additional items for their arsenal as they progress through the game. The gadgets will help you solve the puzzles strewn throughout the world. Your efficiency in solving puzzles will determine how many zombies will be spawned; it’s a not-so-subtle way to encourage you to play smart.

As you’d expect from a zombie-slaying game starring Tesla, randomness is a big part of TBTW. The levels will feature randomly generated puzzles and environments. Hopefully this will boost the replayability of the game.

Zombies are an overused plot device these days so I’m skeptical of any new game filled to the brim with undead. The developers seem at peace with the fact that they don’t have a ground-breaking narrative, though.

“Let’s be honest here, we haven’t set out to break down the psychological barriers between games and human emotion,” reads the Kickstarter campaign’s FAQ. “Sorry Molyneux.”

As you might’ve guessed from the game’s $5,500 goal, this isn’t a huge project. Don’t expect a 5 year development cycle, the developers said. They’re projecting a Q3 2013 launch on PC, Mac and Linux.

The Kickstarter is $1,000 away from its goal with only five days to go. Should they manage to surpass that goal, they’ll introduce additional features to the game. Versus co-op, a level editor, and new platforms are all mentioned in their Kickstarter pitch.

Tesla Breaks The World! is also trying to get added to Steam via Greenlight. So you can vote for the game.

Follow this link to Tesla Breaks the World on Kickstarter

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