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Tesla vs Lovecraft For Science DLC announced

tesla vs lovecraft for science dlc announced for linux mac windows

Tesla vs Lovecraft DLC “For Science” is coming to the arena shooter for Linux, Mac and Windows. That game that takes inspiration from the namesakes. Coming to Steam sometime in December and also Humble Store.

Since you play as the enigmatic inventor Tesla. Who is the last bastion of reason against the neverending waves of madness. Players will harness the static energy to power up your Tesla-Mech. And also give the Lovecraftian nightmares a lesson in horror once again.

The “For Science” DLC will expands the game in various ways. Such as additional perks, monsters and weapons. We have limited details about the new content. Seeing it is a shoot em up after all. But we do have an interesting trailer below.

Tesla vs Lovecraft: For Science! trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Tesla-Mech: An immensely powerful machine of war at your disposal. Mow down your opponents with twin-mounted Tesla-Miniguns, and trample over monsters like they were ants.
  • Quantum Teleportation: Dash forward or even zip through solid objects with this handy gadget. Packed neatly into a backpack. (Includes a warning label about Theseus-paradox, whatever that is)
  • Lovecraftian monsters: If nightmares had nightmares, this is what they’d look like. Monsters so horrible they’ll make you eat up your own sanity!
  • Tesla’s Gadgets: Save the world with a plethora of inventions and gadgets, including (but not limited to) X-Ray Blade and Death Ray Gun.

The Tesla vs Lovecraft: For Science DLC expands the game in various ways. So this will include those additional perks, monsters and weapons. Base price is $4.99 USD/EUR. Developer 10tons Ltd will start with the Steam versions and other platforms (consoles) will follow later.

Since we do not have an official release date. The launch is estimated somewhere in early December. And we do not have an official Steam or Humble Store page yet.

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