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Tethys Interactive Kickstarter for Astral Terra Launches

Earlier yesterday, Tethys Interactive revealed their Kickstarter for their #fantasy -themed #sandbox survival #RPG Astral Terra. If funded the full $52,000 goal, Tethys will bring Astral Terra to PC, Mac and Linux. You can also vote for Astral Terra on Steam Greenlight, and they plan to institute future stretch goals for possible release on PS4, Xbox One and other platformers

Shadow Vale Concept Painting - Included in wallpaper pack, artbook and posters.

Inspired by old school Dungeons & Dragons and videogames from the 80s, Tethys developed Astral Terra using the Unity engine to be a fully explorable RPG with infinite replay value. In order to do this, they’ve implemented a crafting system that’s similar to Minecraft; however, Tethys is using a voxel-based engine, which allows players to create smooth, vibrant worlds. Players can also build their characters based on their play-style and engage in epic battles. But don’t just take my words for it; check out the full breakdown from their press release:

Core Game Features:

  • Dynamically Generated Worlds – With a robust modern smooth voxel system, our 7 worlds are generated on the fly every time a player starts a new game
  • Play Your Way! Shape Your World! No starting Archetypes – just pick your race (The Fey, Dark Elf or Human) and start shaping the world around you. Your character grows the way you play them based on your actions and discoveries.
  • Discovery and Adventure – Unlock the mysteries of the world through exploration and discovery. With the infinitely generating procedural voxel world, the only limit to your journeys is your imagination.
  • Survival – Claim your land, defend it from monsters and other races as well as keeping yourself healed and full of stamina for future combat.
  • Mining and Crafting – Gather ingredients and resources from combat drops or from mining resources to build new items, recipes, and prefab structures. Our in-depth crafting system will have hundreds of weapons, armor and other items to craft with all of the various resources to be found.
  • Building and Sculpting – Create or carve any shape you like with our flexible voxel system – clay like blobs, cubes, spheres, octagons, diamonds and every other shape imaginable. You can also use one of the pre-made prefabs for quick building.
  • Combat and Looting – Dynamic MOB system that gives players the option to both fight and befriend monsters. No gameplay experience is ever the same with the ever-changing dynamically generated environments of Astral Terra.
  • Skills and XP – Gain XP through combat and exploration. Choose skills based on the type of player you want to be. Unlock powerful spells, divine priestly abilities or become a skilled melee warrior – you decide how your character progresses.

Astral Terra is a fantasy-themed sandbox survival RPG in a beautiful smooth voxel world that’s generated on the fly and completely editable. No two players will have the same experience as everything from the skills you learn to the world you play in is fully unique and customizable. Gather resources for crafting and building, journey among the planes to find lost temples or libraries full of knowledge and power (scrolls and tomes) or just explore for the sake of discovery. From character progression with experience points, levels and skills, to the terrain and environment, every inch of the game is procedurally generated and fully editable. Shape your world and your character the way that YOU want. Fantastic creatures and epic adventures await you in this magical journey in a world limited only by your imagination – Astral Terra!


Multiplayer Options –

  • Invite Friends – Have some friends come over and join your world so they can check out your epic castle or underground fortress. Have them help you finish building out your settlement or go on adventures together – whatever you want!
  • In-Game Server Browser – Check out what other players are up to if their game is open to the public. Filter search results and find the right game for you. Make friends and forge alliances across the planes of Astral Terra.
  • Persistent Progression– Across all servers, game worlds, planes and everything your characters maintain their progression and growth. No need to make a new character each time you join a new game and you won’t lose any progress. This way, the adventures truly never end!
  • Player vs. Player – When playing with others, you’re free to engage in optional PvP combat if working together isn’t your type of thing. Maybe you want to stage a guild battle, or fight over the most valuable resources? The choice is yours!

Tethys will also provide backers Beta and Alpha access, so check out the Kickstarter to see if you want to be a part of Astral Terra. Despite being in pre-alpha, Astral Terra looks gorgeous, and I’m interested to see all of the beautiful worlds players can create.

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