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TFC: The Fertile Crescent gets Milestone 2

tfc: the fertile crescent pixel-art rts game gets milestone 2 on linux mac windows pc

TFC: The Fertile Crescent pixel-art RTS game gets Milestone 2 on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the continuous efforts from developer Wield Interactive. Still going strong via Steam Early Access with 94% Very Positive reviews.

TFC: The Fertile Crescent is a pixel-art RTS game now enriched with free Milestone 2. The update introduces neutral settlements that provide bonuses and unit stances. All due to this, controlling the army is even more fun on Linux.

TFC: The Fertile Crescent classic RTS game that’s NOT an Age of Empire clone. Gameplay combines the best of the genre’s classics with a unique pixel-art graphic. Build a settlement, develop it and fight for dominance in various modes, whether in co-op or against other players. Challenge the bots, but don’t underestimate them; they are a real threat!

TFC: The Fertile Crescent | Milestone 2 Released

New Features:

Neutral settlements

In previous versions of TFC: The Fertile Crescent, you rarely needed to split up your army. Most players would generally keep all units in one army, whether defending or attacking.
In Milestone 2, there are Points of Interest (POI) that can be contested. By claiming these, you gain various bonuses.
This adds another reason to fight for map control and defend multiple areas. And, as an attacker, you might split up your army to attack multiple points of interest as well. So these TFC: The Fertile Crescent POIs add more depth, as there are more strategies to consider.

  • Ancient Temple – Provides knowledge generation.
  • Orchard – Provides a bonus to farming.
  • Settlement – Provides new villagers.


To take over a neutral settlement, you must construct an Outpost nearby.

Updated Resources Panel

Since new and old TFC: The Fertile Crescent players alike see confusion in some aspects of the game. Due to things like the Food Surplus system, which should have a better understanding.

  • Food stock circle: the food surplus bar is now a circle that fills up around the food stock icon. The full circle changes color depending on starvation or Food Surplus Level.
  • Food Surplus Level: the number of arrows indicate a Food Surplus Level that gives you various bonuses. These bonuses are now shown in a “buff panel”.

Buffs and debuffs panel

The effects of starvation and food surplus have been largely hidden. Now these effects should be much more clear.
For example, in the image above, you can see the speed of Knowledge Generation. As a result, the tooltip shows where the Knowledge Generation comes from.
The buffs and debuffs will change color depending on your Food Surplus Level. Due to make it more clear which Food Surplus Level you’re at.

Stances in TFC: The Fertile Crescent

In previous versions of TFC: The Fertile Crescent, most units would always attack any enemy on sight. Then follow them to the end of the world. This would create some annoying situations. Like, why are my villagers in the middle of the map!??
This also has a fix by adding unit stances, of which there are 3.

  • Hold ground: the unit will never chase enemy targets on sight.
  • Defensive: (default stance) unit will chase enemy targets on sight within a radius and move back to the guard position once the target moves outside this radius.
  • Aggressive: the unit is due to continue chasing enemy targets on sight until there are none.

TFC: The Fertile Crescent pixel-art RTS game is available on Steam. The game is also discounted 35%, dropping the priced to $9.74 USD / £7.79 / 9,41€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The full list of changes are available in the update page.