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The 13th Doll the fan made The 7th Guest on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Attic Door Productions has been granted a unique license to release their passion project as a retail game –their #fanmade #game, The 13 th Doll, based on The 7 th Guest.  To fund the completion of The 13 th Doll Attic Door seeking funding on Kickstarter for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC to continue development.

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The 7th Guest was a horror puzzle game released in 1992 by Trilobyte, Inc. It was a groundbreaking PC game that was critically and commercially successful due to, in part, storytelling that used live actors in full motion video – a first for video games at that time. A sequel, The 11th Hour was released in 1995.  Unfortunately, Trilobyte went out of business soon afterward. Several attempts have been made to create a subsequent sequel since Trilobyte’s closure but none have been successful.

Frustrated by this, a group of fans have decided to take matters into their own hands. They banded together to create their own game, titled The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest , and created a company called Attic Door Productions to produce it.  The team’s passion for this project garnered the attention of a reformed Trilobyte.


As the owners of the rights to The 7th Guest franchise, Trilobyte offered Attic Door Productions a licensing deal that allows The 13th Doll to be sold as a retail game. This is an unprecedented, historic deal – many fan made games have been created, but never before has one been granted the rights to be sold commercially. If there were ever a Cinderella story in game development history, this is it.


With the opportunity to make a commercial game, Attic Door wants to create  a game that honors its legacy but is up to the standards of today’s gamers.  In short, this licensing agreement not only allows a group of lifelong gamers the chance to pay respect one of their favorite games, it allows them the chance to become professional game developers.

The 13 th Doll is game of haunted places, creepy encounters and mind-bending puzzles to challenge the player as a compelling story unfolds.  Our passion project – a game that’s being made BY fans and FOR fans of The 7 th Guest Series.  We’re extremely fortunate to be granted a license to sell the game as a retail game.  It allows us to make the game we really want to make, to step up production budget and make a higher quality game for players to experience.” – Ryan HoltKamp, Project Lead, Attic Door Productions

Attic Door plans to release The 13 th Doll in late 2015 to first quarter 2016 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And follow the upcoming release on Twitter and YouTube.


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