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The 7th Circle – Endless Nightmare releases

the 7th circle endless nightmare releases on linux and windows pc

The 7th Circle – Endless Nightmare releases Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer 68k Studios. Which comes with a bunch of new content. The re-launch is available now on Steam. While holding 85% Positive reviews.

Gamera Interactive in association with 68k Studios. Just announced The 7th Circle – Endless Nightmare now available on Steam. Due to the ReLaunch publishing program.

So now, Endless Nightmare comes with new levels. Plus more content, hours of gameplay and a new difficulty level. While including new tech improvements and fixes. All since the original release.

The 7th Circle – Endless Nightmare ReLaunch Trailer

The 7th Circle – Endless Nightmare is a First Person Dungeon Crawler RPG. Due to it’s design, this is for hardcore gamers. Which also takes inspiration from classic games from the ‘90s. The game has a dark and creepy tone. So expect violence and gore. As you journey into your subconscious.
Each character represents a different personality. But they all share the same goal. Discover the truth hidden in the darkest part of your mind. As you free it from its demons.

Players that already bought The 7th Circle. You will receive Endless Nightmare for Free. So there is no need to repurchase.


  • Create your character customizing attributes, skills, traits and perks
  • Perma-death is real: if your character dies you have to create a new one
  • Random generated dungeons: 50+ hours gameplay and lot of secrets hidden
  • 60 spells available, items, power-up for your character
  • Crafting system to create and upgrade your weapons or medicines
  • Turn-based combats

Also note, this Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages. Or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. There is frequent Violence or Gore and General Mature Content.

The 7th Circle – Endless Nightmare releases now on Steam. Available Free for existing owners of the game. Priced at $9.99 USD. Which is playable on both Linux and Windows PC.

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