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The 90's Arcade Racer coming to Linux

The more we look at the gaming community, the more we see a need for a classic arcade racer, which is somewhat void in the Linux gaming community.

Well, it looks like the wait will be over. Pelikan13 just posted a Kickstarter campaign a week ago (Jan 18, 2013) and its already rather close to their pledge goal.
Not only that, but their update from January 20th shows they have added Linux support, and not some lofty stetch goal.

Linux Support and Rewards changes
Update #1 · Jan. 20, 2013 · 4 comments

  • Added Linux support.
  • After receiving some valid criticism about pricing the reward for the digital downloadable version a bit steep at £15 I decided to remove it and set a new one at £10. People that have already pledged for the £15 reward can simply cancel their pledge and and go for the £10 pledge or not and have my eternal gratitude. Sorry for the confusion 🙂

Sound to good to be true, check it out:

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This is an arcade racing game for PC, Mac, Linux and hopefully OUYA based on games that I loved playing in the arcades growing up.You could say it’s inspired by those games, maybe a tribute to them or simply a rip off, any of these could be true!

The three that ate up most of my coins where Scud Race, Daytona USA and Indy 500, my goal is to recreate the feeling these games evoked from players by maintaining the colorful, vibrant look and sense of speed but with modern visuals and car handling models.

The 90's Arcade Racer coming to Linux
The 90's Arcade Racer game coming to Linux
The 90's Arcade Racer game coming to Linux

The Cars

There are three different car classes, SupercarStock and Formula. The first two will have a drifting handling model but different dynamics and the Formula car will be about high grip line racing.

The 90's Arcade Racer coming to Linux

The Tracks

The game will feature three tracks playable both in normal or reverse. The tracks will be Short/Beginner, Medium/Amateur and Long/Professional. My goal here is for the tracks to be unique, memorable, fun to simply be in and a nice blend between reality and fantasy. All while keeping with the 90’s theme.

The 90's Arcade Racer coming to Linux
The 90's Arcade Racer coming to Linux
Track layout

Game Structure

The structure of the game is very simple, select your car and track and race both against the clock and AI trying to set the best score. There will also be a championship mode for each car class if the game reaches it’s first stretch goal.

Arcade Championship
Select a car

Current game status and future goals

The game right now contains one complete track and three playable cars each with three different liveries. The AI is in place and working and the front-end is also done.  In order to complete the game I need to create two more tracks and polish the gameplay.

Taking in to account the work done so far I will need 5 months to create two more tracks and some additional art assets and 3 months to work on the gameplay. I’m also adding 2 more months for unforeseeable hurdles. This means the game should be done by November 2013.

Pledge The 90’s Arcade Racer on Kickstarter

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