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The Academy puzzle story with enough interest

the academy puzzle story with enough interest for linux windows pc

The Academy is a puzzle story adventure game coming to Windows PC, and Linux with enough interest. At least according to developer Pine Studio. Due to release in 2020 via Steam.

The Academy is a puzzle full of adventure. All coming together in an ancient mystery waiting to unfold. So you can leave your mark on Arbor’s Academy. Also, find out why it only welcomes the best and the brightest. Which has an almost Hogwarts type vibe to it.

Now since receiving details about The Academy. The games Steam page is missing Linux support. Therefore, I reached out to Pine Studio. Who you might also remember are the creators of SEUM. Which does have Linux, Mac and Windows PC builds. Here’s the reply…

We are open to it (Linux support) if there’s enough interest.

The Academy – Teaser Trailer

Arbor’s famed Academy has always been a place of brilliance. And also mystery, which always seems to go hand in hand. Which makes the space almost to temping, stepping into the shoes of Sam. A freshman at The Academy who will soon discover the true. Both greatness and dread are to be found in the ancient halls. With a little help from your friends. You will have to tackle all of the challenges the institution has to offer. Therefore, you become a part of a story. Which is unlike anything you’ve played. They say that behind every corner lies a riddle waiting to be solved. Are you ready to take on the challenge?


  • Think outside the box with over 200 unique puzzles and riddles that will challenge even the most seasoned players
  • Explore the visually gorgeous Academy with all of the secrets it holds
  • Unravel a centuries-old mystery looming over the school and the town of Arbor
  • Embark on an epic adventure in the The Academy. All in the vein of “Professor Layton
  • Play on Windows PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or even on your smartphone
  • The release is set in the spring

The Academy puzzle story is due to release Spring 2020. With no fixed date yet or price. But there is a Steam Discussions post for Linux support. So be sure to check that out. And also make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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