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The Adventure Pals going strong on Kickstarter


The Adventure Pals, a #platforming RPG adventure on Kickstarter from celebrated indie studio Massive Monster, has released a playable demo for PC and Mac. The Adventure Pals has already been successfully Greenlit on Steam and plans to release in early 2017 for Linux, Mac, Windows PC and XBOX One. It is being published by Armor Games.

“We think Kickstarter campaigns are an amazing opportunity for small developers like us to communicate directly with you and those who may be interested in the game. We really want to hear what you think and have you help craft the game and be a part of its story. We really hope you’ll consider backing the project,” said Massive Monster.

The Adventure Pals Features

  • A mix of lovingly hand crafted platformer levels, combat focused arena areas, procedurally generated underground dungeons and RPG-like towns and NPCs areas
  • 5 world areas with multiple towns and locations in each. Areas include; Treevale Forest, Haunted Pirate Cove, Post-Apocalyptic
  • Dinosaur-inhabited Wastelands, an Underwater Aztec Jungle and a Ghost Town on the Moon.
  • Beautiful cartoon like 2D graphics, funny story and good clean platforming fun!
  • Local 2 player Co – Operative play.
  • Face huge bosses, and many, many types of bizarre enemies include a hot-dog that poops mines and a jellyfish ghost that spawns flying gummy unicorns!
  • Drop in and out co-op play.
  • 10+ hours of gameplay.
  • Hundreds of traps and enemies.
  • Immersive Story with animated cutscenes with hilarities guaranteed.
  • Adventures, Quests and crazy townsfolk.
  • Giraffe filled good times with happy smiles and family friendly giggles.
  • 1080p 60fps.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Mini-games! Wager your hard earned cash at the chicken racing or compete against shape throwing octopuses in a dance competition! Each area has a different mini-game and it is up to you to track it down and find it!

A follow-up to the wildly successful Flash browser game Super Adventure Pals, which has been played nearly two million times since its release in 2012 on Armor Games alone.

The Adventure Pals follows the efforts of a boy and his trusty giraffe steed and pet rock as they attempt to rescue his father. The game blends challenging platforming action, exploration, and big boss battles with a vibrant cartoon design and surreal, tongue-in-cheek humour that will appeal to kids and adults alike. Having drawn inspiration from Adventure Time, Banjo-Kazooie, and Castle Crashers.

The Adventure Pals is looking for your support on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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