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The Age of Technology expansion release month

the age of technology expansion release month for stellar monarch on linux windows pc

The Age of Technology for Stellar Monarch now has a release month for Windows PC, supporting Linux too. Thanks to developer
Silver Lemur Games who continue issue support. Well at least via Proton. Since the base game reviews are Positive on both Humble Store and Steam.

The expansion Stellar Monarch: The Age of Technology focuses on technology and science. So this means we will have an improved research mechanic. And also optional random and hidden tech. Along with additional tech, etc. While adding a terraforming mechanic and new alien races. Along with an option to construct a fearsome mobile star fortress. Possibly other minor things will be added as well. Now due to release in December 2019.
Also, what will be in the expansion depends on final testing. Some of the planned features might be removed in the final version. If Silver Lemur Games finds any features to be less then fun during tests. As I previously mentioned in the last post.

There will be also an option to disable The Age of Technology expansion. At least for people who prefer to play without it. And most likely an option to enable only some of the features of the expansion. So everyone can customize the gameplay to his/her own taste. Especially for the most game changing features. For a brief intro to the game, check out the trailer.

Stellar Monarch – Steam teaser (not for The Age of Technology)

Stellar Monarch is a grand strategy 4X. Where you are the emperor not a logistics officer. It focuses on the grand scale of things with no micro management. So The Age of Technology plans to take things even further. As you face rebels, assassins, court factions, and disloyal admirals. In addition to traditional 4X mechanics, you also deal with the internal affairs of the empire.

Major Features:

  1. Research mechanic improved. Plus a hidden technologies option. Random technologies option. And additional/alternative technologies too.
  2. Terraformation mechanic in The Age of Technology
  3. Ability to construct Star Fortress, a fearsome mobile station
  4. New alien races (probably around 3 new races)
  5. Smaller features (new planet type, maybe a new Scientific Glorious Achievement, etc)

Stellar Monarch: The Age of Technology release month is December 2019. No specific date just yet. Due to release on Windows PC. But also playable on Linux via Proton. The base game is priced at $19.99 USD. Available on Humble Store and Steam.

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