The Bards Tale IV: Barrows Deep Initiative

the bards tale IV Barrows Deep Initiative for linux mac windows

The Bards Tale IV: Barrows Deep Wishlist Initiative for Linux, Mac and Windows. An evolution in the relationship between an indie developer and its fanbase. Which is rather unique actually.

So this is a project that is the first of its kind. Where gamers who wishlist The Bards Tale IV: Barrows Deep on either the game’s Steam or GOG pages add to an overall counter. This also unlocks bonuses which reward all purchasers of the game now and in the future. Which is a stellar deal.

The Initiative:

At 100k wishlisters, inXile will partner with Red Hook Studios. So this will provide an in-game version of the iconic torch from Darkest Dungeon. According to Red Hook Studios Co-founder Tyler Sigman, “Darkest Dungeon has its roots in classics like The Bard’s Tale. So to be a small part of helping to bring the series back is a real treat for us as fellow game devs and especially as fans.”

At 300k wishlisters, the retail price will drop from $39.95/£29.99 to $34.95/£27.99. What!?

While at 500k wishlisters, two amazing tiers will unlock. First, the retail price will drop to $29.95/£24.99. So this will knock a full $10 off the original price. Secondly, a free DLC will be created and released for all game owners called “The Haernhold.” This will also find characters adventuring in the dwarven realm of Kinestria.

In “The Haernhold” DLC, players gain the opportunity to travel beyond Caith to another dimension. Such as Kinestria, the realm of the Dwarves. Therein lies the Haernhold, home of Daeglish. Also one of the characters that can join the player’s party in the main game. All is not well – the tomb of a Dwarven king has been defiled. And only the heroes from Skara Brae have the power to face the darkness that has been unleashed. The only portal to Kinestria resides in Fort Garendon. It is there where the player’s cross-realm odyssey will begin.

The Bards Tale IV: Barrows Deep Combat Spotlight (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In 2012, inXile was in the vanguard of proving that crowdsourcing was a viable alternative for indie developers to pursue their dream projects. inXile then introduced the Kicking It Forward program, which created a pattern where successful indie devs could help others fund their own projects. Brian Fargo then joined the Advisory Board of Fig, which brought the power of investment to crowdfunding. Now, with this Wishlist Initiative, inXile is inviting their fans and RPG fans to take part in this collective effort to bring crowdsourcing to sales platforms.

According to inXile CEO Brian Fargo, “Crowdfunding opens up so many possibilities because it allows us to pursue ideas that we might not otherwise and to take creative risks. Our backers helped us get The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep made, and now we’re hoping that all our fans can help us spread the word about it, and in doing so, unlock rewards for themselves and help make the game that much more accessible for the wider gaming audience out there. Putting a game on your wishlist costs nothing, yet can mean everything to an indie studio like us. With this initiative, we’re hoping to have it mean something extra for our fans, too.”

The Bards Tale IV: Barrows Deep will launch on Windows PC on Sept. 18, 2018. It is expected to arrive later this year on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, Mac and Linux. Weekly updates on the Wishlist Initiative on Steam or GOG will be provided on the company’s social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter

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