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The Battle of Polytopia – Skin Pack #3 is out

the battle of polytopia new skin pack #3 pack launches for the game on linux mac windows pc

The Battle of Polytopia new Skin Pack #3 pack launches for the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. We owe a round of applause to Midjiwan AB, whose unending imagination continues. Available now on Steam.

Midjiwan AB, the talented folks behind Battle of Polytopia, have just released a fantastic new skin pack for their popular title. If you’re into strategy-based adventures that are both charming and challenging, then this is for you. Since its debut in 2020, Battle of Polytopia has won over players worldwide, earning an “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam.

You’ve got this quirky, animated world right in front of you. The Battle of Polytopia is all funky geometric shapes. This world belongs to you and up to 14 of your friend if you want to invite them along for the ride.

Since you’re the boss of one of the The Battle of Polytopia 12 tribes, and each of them has its own personality. Maybe you can pick the Xin-Xi tribe, they’re a little reserved, kind of like a quiet person into adventure books. Or how about the Hoodrick tribe? They’re certainly wild for archery, and they’re all about nature and mushrooms. Also, don’t forget about the Bardur tribe, whose favorite hangout spot is the local tavern. They drink Ullefurgh, a wacky mix of pine needles, hot water, and rabbit fat.

The Battle of Polytopia – Skin pack #3 Trailer

Your job is to expand your tribe’s ward on this oddly flat square world. You’ll also discover new lands, put up buildings, and get your hands dirty in diplomacy when you have to. The The Battle of Polytopia sessions do not have to drag on for hours. You can play a bit and then take a break. With over 19 million downloads, it’s clear that a lot of people like the short approach the game takes.

Midjiwan just launched a shiny new DLC that comes with fresh skins for your tribe. Since there is even more customization for you right now.

The Battle of Polytopia base game is having a big 50% discount on Steam right now. Half price at $7.49 USD / £5.69 / 6,24€. Regular price on Humble Store. You can dive into this vibrant world flying solo or take on friends in a wild geometric brawl. Since there’s no better time to hop on board and try it out yourself. Plus it comes with a native Linux build and it’s also Steam Deck Verified.

Skin Pack #3 is available on Steam priced at $2.99 USD / £2.49 / 2,99€. Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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