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The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER reveal

the beauty cults nectarmancer action platformer game revealed for linux and windows pc

The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER action platformer game revealed for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the work and creativity of developer The Beauty Cult. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Ever heard of the term ‘gardenvania’? It’s a blend of action-packed 2D platforming and laid back gardening. This exciting fusion is also at the heart of The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER. This creation from indie studio The Beauty Cult is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and here’s why.

The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER action platformer takes place in a world where science and fantasy blend seamlessly. You’d encounter unusual landscapes and creatures that defy the imagination. Now, within this world, there exists a powerful governing body, The Throne. They’re not exactly the good guys. In fact, they’re controlling and dominant, and they force individuals into challenging roles. One of which is called the Nectarmancer.

This is where The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER story begins. You step into the shoes of Aisa, a newly appointed Nectarmancer. It’s a tough role with many risks, so many don’t survive it for long. But Aisa is different. She’s smart and resourceful. She discovers that the strange plants around her are not just ordinary plants. They have unique properties that can help her survive and even combat the challenges she is due to face.

These are not your average garden plants. As Aisa, you’d collect seeds and grow them into powerful allies. Some plants help restore your health, some transform into weapons, while others bestow amazing powers. But there’s more to The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER. As you cultivate more and more plants, something amazing happens. They connect, forming a massive natural network that’s as smart as any computer. With this network, Aisa can learn new skills and strategies to beat her enemies.

The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER – Reveal Trailer

Now, let’s talk about exploration. As you journey through The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER , you’ll face the Pale Spirit Bosses. Since defeating them allows Aisa to unlock even more powerful abilities. While the landscapes and creatures you’ll come across use stunning ‘naturepunk’ pixel art. It’s a style that captures the wild beauty of nature and the futuristic elements of sci-fi.

So, where did The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER concept come from? The Beauty Cult was founded by two talented individuals: Don, who focuses on engineering design, and Zac, who specializes in art design. Before this, they created “Black Future ‘88.” Their goal with this studio was clear: to craft unique and compelling games. Steering clear of conventional, profit driven ideas. And with NECTARMANCER, they’ve done just that.

The teaser for The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER has recently been released, giving everyone a look into this world. And the music? It’s crafted by MEMNON SA, due to bring modern fantasy beats and deep psychedelic tones that truly elevate the game on Linux.

In a nutshell, The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER is an action platformer that promises strategy and a touch of nature. For anyone looking for a fresh and deep experience, this is definitely one to watch out for on Linux and Windows PC on Steam. The release date is TBD.

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