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The Best Looking Open-Source Game?

What do you think is the best looking open-source / Linux game?

Here’s a collection of screenshots to help you decide the best looking open-source game for Linux. The screenshots are a collection of open-source games, albeit far from being an exhaustive of all available OpenGL-powered open-source / free Linux games. The point is to spark a vibrant discussion within the forums to pay tribute to the open-source (or even closed-source) Linux games with the most impressive visuals.

These screenshots on this page were all taken from a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 “Kepler” with the proprietary NVIDIA Linux graphics driver. With that said, this article is also a call for requests concerning any GeForce GTX 680 Linux testing you may be interested — post away in the forums. However, the caveat is that you must be quick with any Linux test requests for this current high-end NVIDIA Kepler GPU.

Since launching the GeForce GTX 680 last month, NVIDIA’s Linux team has been waiting on their PR department for “more samples” to send over a GTX 680 for Linux benchmarking, but now their PR department just seems to be playing games; hey, do you have a PCI Express power supply? What platform are you going to test on? Thankfully NVIDIA’s Linux graphics driver engineering manager decided we’ve waited long enough and was kind enough to bypass their PR department. Hardy Doelfel sent overnight a MSI GeForce GTX 680 he personally purchased for use and is letting Phoronix borrow it for some quick Linux tests.

So there’s finally some formal Linux benchmarks on the GeForce GTX 680 coming out for the public, but I’ll only have this Kepler graphics card for a few days. If there’s any Linux users or developers interested in any special test results, Linux dumps, or other information on the GTX 680 post right away in the forums. My proper NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Linux review will be out later this week or early next week with the usual thrashing of Unigine Linux tests, OpenCL benchmarks (just this morning new OpenCL test profiles were submitted to, thermal results, power consumption, and the other usual metrics from the Phoronix Test Suite comparing the GTX 680 to other AMD/NVIDIA hardware under Ubuntu 12.04.

The games used for these reference screenshots below were simply the free/open-source games with Phoronix Test Suite / test profiles, since it’s simply a matter of running SCREENSHOT_INTERVAL=4 phoronix-test-suite benchmark gaming (or similar command) to collect all these screenshots in a fully automated manner, while also pulling in some quick performance metrics (though they’re not too interesting aside from the few non-CPU-bound tests, the proper GTX 680 Linux review will have the more interesting OpenGL/OpenCL benchmarks). For now you can also find other GeForce GTX 680 Linux OpenGL results from the community on the Phoronix-owned collaborative test infrastructure. In the forums you’re also welcome to share screenshots of the many open-source games not listed in this article.


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