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The Chalk new survival horror due to get support

the chalk new survival horror multiplayer that is due to get support for linux with windows pc

The Chalk new survival horror multiplayer that is due to get support for Linux as well as Windows PC. According to developer South Games Studio. Currently in development but working to make its way onto Steam later this year.

The Chalk is a survival horror game. While this sounds atypical, this is a horror multiplayer taking place in an old mine. Having recently caught the gameplay trailer, I reached out to South Games Studio about Linux support.

Thanks for giving a Linux port idea. We’ve checked it out and it seems like a very straightforward process. So yeah, will do a Linux version also!

So a little backstory here. Originally, South Games did not offer a Linux port, there was no interest. However, in a previous email reply, the developer also confirms Unity 3D as the game engine of choice. After explaining the engine and the ease of creating a port in Unity, voila. The studio sent the email reply above with positive news. This means we can also expect a day one release. But first, check out the trailer below.

The Chalk – Coming to Steam

After watching The Chalk trailer, I realized, we really do need an original horror game. Specifically, since White Noise 2 lost its player base for multiplayer.
The Chalk will have you working your way through a full-out maze. 10 Players spawn in two separate sectors. They work together via voice communication and by using chalk. This way each player can leave messages on the cave walls (they don’t have a map). While working your way through 4 stages of the maze of this old mine. Every stage contains a unique puzzle that you have to solve to progress. Every new stage contains better loot which players can use to solve puzzles or attack their opponents.

But also note, there is a monster hiding in one special chamber. This beast can be unintentionally set free by any player. The monster will hunt players down throughout the cave (the maze). The more noise the player makes the easier it will be for the monster to hunt them down. The player who finds the exit then gets the experience. The experience is also shared among players if more than one succeeds to find the exit of the maze.

The main focus of The Chalk players is cooperation. Make friendships between yourselves, or fight. But the question is, who will betray who when you’re in the last stage?


  • Trapped in an unknown maze
  • 4 different sectors
  • 10 Players
  • Unknown Enemies
  • With only one way out

The Chalk survival horror multiplayer is due to make its way on Steam. Although no product page exists. The game is due to arrive in Winter 2021. The release date is still TBD. And of course, offering support for Linux and Windows PC.

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