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The Chills 2D survival horror coming in February

the chills 2d survival horror coming in linux and windows games february

The Chills is a 2D top-down survival horror game coming this February for Linux and Windows. Thanks for solo developer Anamik Majumdar, based out of Calcutta, India. Releasing the unique experience on February 22nd, 2019 via Steam.

The Chills follows the paranormal activities experienced by Jim. Who currently lives in a room in one of the most Haunted hotels in America. But without knowing that the place has a dark history.

The story begins in the 19th century, before the hotels construction. While the land was nothing more than a burial ground of Native Americans.
Yet in 2005, the Hotel is built on the same site. Where rituals by Devil worshippers also takes place in the basement of the hotel.

So naturally the worshippers open a portal to the spirit world. Which is also permanent. Now Jim has to explore the Hotel to find out more evidence of the Paranormal. But when he discovers the presence of many evil entities. He now dreads the experience and is desperately looking for a way to escape the Hotel.

Will Jim be able to escape the place unharmed? His life is in your hands now.

The Chills – A 2D Survival Horror Game Trailer (Linux, Windows)


  • Explore the Haunted Hotel and Experience the Paranormal.
  • Lots of Dark Entities and Demons lurking in the shadows!
  • Nearly Half an hour duration of Paranormal Investigation!
  • Face your fears while you go through creepy Dungeons!

The singleplayer experience looks like a casual game indeed. Since The Chills trailer does not give detail on how to destroy entities. It seems Jim just runs away various time based traps and obstacles. With some flashes on-screen to keep the player engaged in the story. Mind you the end scene does give some sign of a skin crawling, jump scare?

The Chills will arrive on February 22nd via Steam. The games will be priced at $0.99 USD for Linux and Windows.

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