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The Curse Of Mantras dating sim seeks funding

the curse of mantras afterlife dating sim card battler game seeks funding for linux and windows pc

The Curse Of Mantras afterlife dating sim card battler game seeks funding on Kickstarter for Linux and Windows PC. All due to the efforts of developer Winter Wolves Games. The crowdfunding campaign is almost funded on Kickstarter.

Award winning indie developers Winter Wolves announces the crowdfunding campaign. The supernatural visual novel / card battler The Curse Of Mantras. Which is also a dating sim with optional card battler gameplay. The €5,000 funding goal is already over 80%. Due to end on Fri, January 14 2022 9:25 AM EST.

You play as either Lily or Ace. Then you wake up in a strange supernatural world known as the Afterlife. A strange man, Mantras, greets you and introduces you to the world’s rules and your companions. Whoo also happen to be other dead people that represent an avatar of one of the four elements. Such as water, fire, air, earth, and one of the two arcana: life and death.

Lily and Ace are the avatars of death in The Curse Of Mantras. The most powerful avatar and the only one who has the power to activate a strange device. This is a music box, which can make them remember their past lives. And most importantly, why and how they died.

The Curse of Mantras Official Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Playing as Order alignment you’ll be able to romance: Angel, Iszeria, Ash, Kraken, and Mercurio

Playing as Chaos you’ll be able to romance: Alpha, Gambaron, Magma, Aquaria, Cyberia

Each The Curse Of Mantras companion has an alignment: Order or Chaos. Lily or Ace (depending on who you play as) will choose between one of the two alignments. Then form a team that will fight the opposite team. Doing so until all the battles have been won. And the memories have been remembered.

Even if this is the Afterlife and everyone is dead, there’s love available in this place. You can romance each companion except the opposite avatar of death. Doing so for a total of 10 love interests. Which you can romance both as Lily or Ace for a total of at least 20 unique romance CG (more are coming).

The Curse Of Mantras offers a detailed card collecting game, featuring over 120 cards: 72 unique creatures and 60 different spells, divided based on element/arcana and alignment.
If you don’t like card games, no problem: you can still play the game in “visual novel mode” and just enjoy the story.

Optional Adult Content
The game will feature optional nudity in the romance CG scenes as well as more erotic texts. You can always toggle it on/off from the options in the game.

The Curse Of Mantras crowdfunding campaign for the afterlife dating sim card battler game is live on Kickstarter. Due to release on Linux and Windows PC in October 2022 via Steam.

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