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The Dark Heart of Balor hack and slash has hope

the dark heart of balor hack and slash game shows hope for linux with windows pc

The Dark Heart of Balor hack and slash game shows hope for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from developer Game Artists, LLC. All due to make its way onto Steam Early Access in 2022.

Game Artists, LLC is eager to announce their 3D side-scrolling hack and slash game The Dark Heart of Balor. Which is due to release mid-2022 via Early Access for Windows PC. However, the developer also shows hope for Linux in a recent email reply.

Yes. We have all the necessary tool chain to compile for Linux to run it natively. Worst case, you should be able to run it using Wine, but we will do our best to make a playable build for Linux.

The Dark Heart of Balor is developed via Unreal Engine 4. So porting to Linux is certainly possible. However, Game Artists, do have solid plans to ensure functionality, one way or another. Which is encouraging for the Diablo inspired hack and slash. And from first look, the gameplay and art style gets the attention.

The Dark Heart of Balor – Game Trailer

The Dark Heart of Balor is a dark fantasy hack and slash side scroller. One where you where you play the demon-possessed Hunter. Archdemon Balor has opened the Gate of Hell into the human realm. So now hordes of demons and monsters are flooding into man’s world and destroying everything in their path. So here you must protect those who are still alive and ultimately destroy Balor to close the Gate.

Your quest will also take you across the continent of Eridun into dark crypts. These are the demon-infested wilds, and demonic rifts in the fabric of the world. It will be full of deadly traps, ambushes, and puzzles. The diabolic foes in your way will test your combat skills and newly found arcane powers. So, will you become strong enough to put an end to Balor’s reign of terror? The fate of The Dark Heart of Balor world depends on you, Hunter.


  • Thrilling 3D side-scrolling hack and slash gameplay.
  • An atmospheric dark fantasy world to explore. Each level in the game features a unique setting design and variety of NPCs/ There is also an interesting use of player skills and locomotion.
  • A plethora of deadly weapons and powers to unlock. You have at your disposal an assortment of arms, melee and magical, that you can use in several powerful combinations.
  • An army of monsters and demons to slay.
  • Character upgrade system. As the game progresses, you will gain skill points that can be used to upgrade your character’s abilities, such as multiple offensive and defensive skills and magic.

The Dark Heart of Balor side-scrolling hack and slash game is coming to Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game now on Steam.

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