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The Dead Prince turn based puzzle to get a port

the dead prince turn based stealth puzzle game to get a linux port and windows pc

The Dead Prince turn based stealth puzzle game to get a Linux port and Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Studio Lintex. Gearing up to release via Steam later in 2022.

Independent game developer Studio Lintex announces its first commercial product, The Dead Prince. Due to release in Q4 2022. Inspired by Hitman Go the game aims to create interesting puzzles. This is also due to empowering the player to solve them their own way.

What initially caught my attention is the movement capabilities. But this is not your turn-based puzzle strategy game. So of course, reaching out to Studio Lintex about Linux offers some hope.

The game is made in gamemaker studio 2. Which does support deployment on Ubuntu.

The Dead Prince use of gamemaker studio 2 is good news. Not that the engine supports ALL distro’s. But at least it offers hope that it works. That being said, the developer is targeting Windows PC first, then Linux. So you might have to use Proton. However, the gameplay offers uniqueness as does the trailer below.

The Dead Prince – Gameplay Trailer

By definition, The Dead Prince is a turn based stealth puzzle game. Here you play a blood magic assassin fulfilling the pact his family made long ago. The Sultan’s enemies are closing in, use your assortment of magical abilities to sneak through bases. You will also take down guards and assassinate your target.

You will strategically navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemies. Then take out your target or infiltrate well-guarded locations in The Dead Prince. Your powers allow you to distract guards and avoid obstacles but your resources aren’t infinite.

Sneak through bases. The multiple paths, collectibles, and challenges bring replayability and power. Since you can choose your own path.

Feature List:

  • Challenging stealth puzzles with multiple solutions
  • 8 unique powers
  • Different enemies types with distinct dangers
  • Beautiful pixel art visuals

The Dead Prince turn based stealth puzzle game is due to release in Q4 2022. Offering up support for Windows PC, but also some Linux distro’s (Ubuntu primarily). If you’re intrigued, be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.