The Detail Episode 1 now Free to play

the detail episode 1 now free to play on linux mac windows pc

The Detail Episode 1 now Free to play on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Rival Games. Available right now on Steam Free for the next few days.

5 years have passed since The Detail Episode 1 release. It’s a neo-noir indie game also produced with a small budget. But nevertheless, it is an important stepping stone for Rival Games. Since it showcases the developers‘ skills to produce enthralling story driven games. And eventually, move on to bigger projects.

After releasing two more episodes of The Detail. The developers managed to step up their game. Turning Robert Kirkman’s renowned “Thief of Thieves” comics into a game. Sadly only available on Windows PC, Xbox and now Nintendo Switch.

Likewise, The Detail will always have a special place in Rival Games’ heart. Since this is their first ever release. So they want to celebrate the past 5 years. Giving out The Detail: Episode 1 free of charge on Steam. Available now until November 11th.

The Detail Launch Trailer

This is a modern, episode based and story driven adventure game. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While taking the player to the streets of a crime ridden American city. The chief protagonists are Reginald Moore. Also, a veteran detective grown frustrated with the lack of justice. As well as driven rookie cop Katelyn Hayes, and Joe Miller. A former confidential informant now back in the life of crime.

The Detail player will have to explore an expanding criminal conspiracy. Doing so from both sides of the law. There are suspects to grill and gangs to infiltrate. But there are also consequences to all the choices that a player makes.

Inspired by classic adventure games from Westwood and LucasArts. As well as the modern classics by Telltale Games. The Detail seeks to raise the bar for dramatic interactive narrative. Combining gritty cop drama in the vein of HBO’s The Wire. All with hand drawn graphic novel art.

If you wish to purchase the game. All episode are discounted 82% until November 11th.

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