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The dual Android and Linux console gets Intel Iris GPU, the Android-powered PC primed for gaming goodness is gearing up for release and it’s morphed into a proper console contender, thanks to a new Intel Iris GPU.’s calling this a “high-end gaming console” and with these specifications, it’s going to be hard to argue with that statement. For developers, “Unit 00″ will help them to get acquainted with the upcoming console. If you’re an interested developer, click here and prepare to spend R7 000 (US$699) of your hard-earned moolah. (a terrible name, in our opinion), supports 4K, HD DVR, 3DTVs, and is the first console that comes with dual-HDMI for outputting to two TV’s at once. Xbox One has HDMI input and output, so we suppose that is the first in this regard.

Unit 00, the developer console is nicely specced. It comes with the fourth-gen Haswell CPU, 8GB RAM, a 500GB SSHD (solid state hybrid), WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. Christopher Price, founder and CEO of Mobile Media Ventures wants to offer something “truly unique”.

“We’re taking Intel Iris graphics and building a gaming console that delivers a truly unique Android gaming experience. For the first time, Android will be able to compete in the high-performance gaming and computing worlds. We’re re-tuning chips to run harder and faster than originally intended. The consumer will be much more compact, and cost much less.”

It’s not only the fact that it’s a supercharged Android console that has us excited, but the fact that it dual-boots Linux as well. So while you can get your Android gaming kicks with games like Riptide 2, will merrily run Steam for Linux as well, opening up the device to console-quality games. “Our goal is for users to find the Android environment we’re building to be amazing both for gaming, television, and even casual PC users.” said Price. is aiming for a “winter” launch, so let’s keep our expectations low until mid November. It’ll be “competitively priced” and is expected to either sell for R4 000 (US$399) or R5 000 (R499).

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